Saturday, May 5, 2018

A New Player Wanted

I have just learned that one of the players on the Juvenis Campaign has to drop out of the game.  Is there anyone who would like to step in as a player?

I warn you, this is not an easy commitment to make.  It requires someone who seriously has time during the day ~ at the moment on Wednesday and Thursday ~ who can keep watch on the campaign continuously, jumping in to respond immediately once something has happened.  Any one person who cannot keep up drags the whole campaign down ... and that just doesn't work.

It also requires someone who can express themselves in words.  Who can write as much as is needed to make their point clear.  It requires someone who can read well, who can interact with others in a positive, friendly and supportive way.

It requires someone who can handle a lot of rules and see that as a good thing.

It requires someone that the party is going to support.

It requires a person who won't be mired in old thought processes, in old ways of thinking, in prejudiced ideas of what D&D is.  My game is deliberately experimental, because it stands as an example for hundreds of readers who are reviewing, learning and stealing concepts from the ongoing game.

It requires a willingness to be publicly seen, examined and spoken about, after the fact.

That is a tall, tall order.

I have room for One person.  If two people really impress me, I could expand the size of the party to five.  But waiting on five people is even worse than waiting on four.

Anyone who already supports me on Patreon is bound to be given first priority.

I am sorry for how egotistical this post makes me sound.  Trust me: it is the present party I am most concerned about.  They have worked, strived, fought for the game they are right now enjoying; they deserve to play with the best.  So you will have to be among the best.

Your chances are best if you're sure these people wouldn't last
24 hours in the wild.


Ozymandias said...

I'd love to request admission, but I have a commitment this summer that would take me out for a month. If you're okay with it, I could join in August as your fifth man.

Justin Kennedy said...

No way my work allows for the time required, but what an experience it'd be.

Good luck on getting a proper fit.

Wandrille Duchemin said...

I'd be up for it.

I can devote the time needed to make this work. However I'm not in the same time zone as you, so could you precise the time frame a little for me?

Alexis Smolensk said...

As I remember, Wandrille, you're in France.

Our schedule is, Paris time, 5pm to midnight, Wednesday and Thursday. This might be as early as 4pm if I wake up earlier ... this is 8am to 4pm my time. I don't usually sleep in, but if my body needs the rest, I might linger. Typically, however, I'm out of bed by 7am.

James said...

I'd be happy to join as well

Wandrille Duchemin said...


Thank you for your answer. 4pm/5pm to midnight works very well for me.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Wandrille, James, please start by getting your details ready according to these instructions:

Don't roll your backgrounds using the generator; I'll be doing that. Let me know in the comments here what your details are and we'll move to the next step.

James said...

Elf Mage (ability scores are post-racial adjustment of +1 Dexterity and -1 Constitution)

Strength - 11
Constitution - 13
Dexterity - 15
Intelligence - 17
Wisdom - 12
Charisma - 12

James said...

Oh, and male. I forgot to pick a gender

Alexis Smolensk said...

Hadn't had a chance to look. I'm cutting tonight's podcast.

Wandrille Duchemin said...

human druid male

strength 12
intelligence 11
wisdom 14
constitution 14
dexterity 7
charisma 18

Alexis Smolensk said...

Thank you both. I'll have your backgrounds ready for you within an hour. James, I'll need your email: write me at rather than giving me your email on the blog.

I will be putting the backgrounds up on my Google Drive, so you can download them.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Sorry, guys.

There's an issue with the character generator I built in part in 2016. I'm going to work on it awhile. Please be patient.

Alexis Smolensk said...

okay, at last. Here's a link to the Google Drive Juvenis folder:

It should be a public availability, let me know if you can't get in. Your backgrounds will be there. We'll work on spells next.

Wandrille, you can find the complete list of Druid spells on the wiki. With your wisdom, you get two bonus 1st level spells, so you should pick FOUR from this list:

Be sure to follow the link and look at other druid things.

James, I'm working on a spell list for you. I haven't got my mage spells entirely up on the wiki yet. But you can see some of them:

One way to reduce the strength of the mage is to limit the number of spells from which the mage can pick from. This is done by comparing every spell against your intelligence. With a 17 int, you have a 75% of having a chance to take a spell (welcome to AD&D).

I'll generate that table and put it on the drive, then I'll set up a list for you to pick from.

Alexis Smolensk said...

James, in the Juvenis folder on my drive you'll find two files, one marked, "James' 1st level spellbook" and the other, "Mage 1st Level Spells not on the wiki." You'll find descriptions of your spells either in that file or on the wiki, linked above.

James, your mage gets THREE spells.

Once I hear from you both, we'll continue to the next bit. Get your spells chosen and come up with a name for your characters, now that you know where you were born.

Wandrille, the modern name of Dingwall is still Dingwall. You'll find it in very northern Scotland, on this map:

James, the human modern name for Emir is Kemi, in northern Finland. You'll find Emir close to the center of this map:

James said...

I don't see "James' 1st Level Spellbook" in the drive.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The list is not alphabetical.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Sent you an invite to the file in case that unlocks something. Otherwise, here's a direct link to the file:

James said...

Character name is Mikael.

Spells chosen are Sleep, Charm Person and Armor, though if my fellow players have any suggestions I would welcome them.

James said...

I actually missed the last line of the Charmed Person description, it would be fairly usekess as a lower level character, I'll pick Find Familiar instead

Alexis Smolensk said...

Damn that sleep spell. I should have looked at it before I gave the file. It is too strong as written for first level.

I wrote the rules for Rouse Sleeping Creatures and Helpless Defenders on the wiki specifically for the sleep spell. I thought I had adjusted it on the file, but apparently my offline players and I have been playing by word of mouth for some years now.

It needs to be rewritten for the wiki. Consider the following two adjustments to be in place: A) that the wiki rules are in place, meaning that sleeping creatures are able to spontaneously awake from the noise and are unlikely to be killed outright, even by assassins ...

And B) that you cannot affect any creature with more hit dice than the mage has levels, and that a maximum of 4 HD can be affected by the spell. It still puts 4-16 HD to sleep, as the spell says.

Want to pick something else? Or is that fine?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Find Familiar is fine, but I will be introducing your characters into the combat that is ongoing ... so you won't be able to actually find a familiar until you have the necessary time. Just so you know.

James said...

I am not surprised, though I am sad. For clarification: that part B means I can only affect 1 HD creatures?

(I find it relevant to note I am unused to thinking in terms of HDs, so I apologize for any errors this causes)

Alexis Smolensk said...

At 1st level, yes. At 2nd level, you can affect up to 2 HD creatures.

James said...

Okay, since my understanding is I can reconfigure my spells at new level, my choices are as follows:

Find Familiar
Comprehend Languages

Sorry for the confusion.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The confusion is also my fault. It comes from getting into a system you're not familiar with. For example, I quote my 2009 post, "House Rules"

"26) I cannot speak any language but English, so there are hardly any languages in use in my world but “common.” There is no orcish, elvish or that of any other race; there are no thieves’ or assassin’s cants; no other languages at all beyond those which have been hopelessly lost for centuries and may be encountered only in very rare books or inscriptions. This is because I simply can’t “fake” the use of another language and I have no interest in the “translation” issues which are supposed to be so interesting in the game. They are not, so the issue is in the garbage."

Now, it is possible you will encounter some long dead language in the present dungeon, that is certainly true! The characters had to get a book translated earlier on. And the confuse language feature is still in full force. But I felt you should be fully informed on the issue.

Remember; unlike other systems, once you choose a spell in my game, you can never swap it out for something else. All choices are permanent. This too serves to limit mages.

James said...

I did actually read that, I thought being able to read any language would prove useful in delving ancient ruins. I may be wrong, and that would be unfortunate, but I will be accepting that risk.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Well, it certainly gives me something to hang a plot point on. And if you specifically approach the idea of adventuring in the future with the same idea ... could be extremely useful. That and the assassin's guild.

You're in your rights to ask me to explain details about the assassin's guild in private, on your blog, if you don't want other characters to know (though to be sure, I'm guessing they could play as if their characters didn't know what the players knew).

James said...

I noticed I lucked out that I have 11 months to get together 1000 gp for the membership dues. I intend on asking you about it as I get settled into the game, but I want to focus my attentions on learning the system for the time being.

Wandrille Duchemin said...

I have chosen my spells:

purify water
Speak with animals

They are also in the google sheet containing my character's background.
I also had a question regarding the "vegetation types" you mention in the entangle spell description, what do they correspond to?
I could not recognize them (my first instinct was to go to Köppen's classification, but it doesn't have any G, M, N , ...).

I have further questions about my property and how to manage it (hiring a manager, communicating with her/him, ...), but maybe it can wait until in-game.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I've been resting ...

Come tomorrow, we can get your characters sorted out and into the campaign. James has picked three spells that are already described on the wiki, so that saves me some effort. If you could both pick your weapons. Check the Combat Abilities links of your individual wiki pages:


I want to stop having to implant links into my posts, as I have to write in HTML every time, so if you could both get familiar with those links above so you know where to find content.

James, you'll need to look at Magical Spell Acquisition and start choosing your cantrips. You'll find links to the cantrips spells on the Mage link above. Rolling on the Spell Acquisition table, you get 3 Haunting Sound, 2 Legerdemain, 3 Person Affecting, 1 Personal, 4 Reversed and 8 Useful.

Some adjustments to your stats. Mikael, because you're an elf, you need to add a point of dexterity and subtract a point of constitution. Then, because of your elf's age, you'll add a point of constitution again and a point of strength. As you are 94 lbs, I roll a d6 for your hit points due to mass. I rolled a 3. With your maximum hit points from mage (d4), this makes your total hit points 7.

Wandrille, you don't get racial adjustments to your stats. Your age, being the same as James, adds a point of con and a point of str. This gives you a +1 constitution bonus. A druid had a d8 for hit points, so your base maximum hit points is 9. I add a d8 for your mass, as you're 163 lbs.; I rolled a 7. So your hit points are 16.

Alexis Smolensk said...


I still need a character name.

Kopper is a climate scholar. The vegetation ratings are based on work done by A.W. Kuchler You can find a complete rundown of Kuchler's types on this post.

At the present, your tavern is closed up and boarded. You will need to A) send a representative you can trust, whom at the moment you don't have, or B) go there yourself. It would be a two-part sea journey to Stornoway, then to Dingwall, but not expressly onerous. Know that your family, according to your intelligence roll and decisions you made early in life, don't want you there.

Incidentally, I have no plans to have any NPCs seduce you, probably ever. I feel strongly that I need to be reassuring on that point. You may use the information, or we can both quietly forget it. Up to you.

Other questions?

Wandrille Duchemin said...


Thank you for the clarifications.

name : Rob Munro
weapon proficiencies: club, javelin

(Shall I choose a sage study? buy equipment?)

About the tavern, this will have to be resolved during game. Do I know how long I have to send the yearly tax?

Noted about the NPCs and seduction, I'll forget it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, both characters can take a sage study. Mikael, the mage sage studies are, well, in name only. Whatever you settle on, I will make every effort to make it interesting; we can treat your first choice as a soft option, until we get you settled in it.

Both characters should pick one field, and one study in that field.

Rob Munro, just Rob in future, consider the tavern to be on Munro land, with the Munro clan withholding on the costs, with expectation that you, or your brother when your death is proven, enabled to open it when the back taxes are paid.

The "Lordship" of Dingwall refers to the Military Occupation of the region, as Oliver Cromwell is in control in the British Isles ... this Lordship consists of tax by levy, whenever the Commonwealth needs money; so of course the Brits are HATED by the residents.

We'll say, for game purposes, that you left Scotland six months ago. And we'll say the same about Mikael, having left Ulthua about the same time.

Wandrille Duchemin said...


Thank you again for the precision. I'm happy my choice of surname led to a (temporary) solution concerning my property :-).
Having left 6 months ago suits me.
Also, I know you're not in the habit of screwing your players over, but I have to ask what would constitute a "proof of my death" (because I know my brother could grow tired of waiting for my death and try to fake such documents).

I have chosen a field and a study: Earth/Sky ; Animal Physiology (again, this is in the google sheet of my character).

Should I roll the knowledge points for all other studies (1d6-1 for in-field ; 1d4-1 for out-of-field studies), or will you communicate me all of these in due time?

James said...

Just two questions before I finalize my decisions:

1. What are the rules regarding recovering a thrown dagger?

2. On going through the Stavangar Market, it seems like there are no darts for sale. Is this the case?

Wandrille Duchemin said...

There seem to exists a second (more recent) version of the market:

darts can be found there.

Wandrille Duchemin said...

Given its price and weight, may I presume the kilt doubles as cloak and blanket?

Alexis Smolensk said...

A throwing dart is 24 c.p.

A description of coin exchanges can be found on the wiki.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Only one market remains in the Juvenis folder and I have fixed the layout

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes on the kilt, Wandrille.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Did you settle on a sage field and study, James?

James said...

Proficiency: Darts

Sage: Science - Alchemy


Close Wound

The google doc I shared has my equipment and purchases.

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wandrille Duchemin said...

I have a naïve question concerning currency and weight. How interesting is it to convert part of my coin to pure metal silver or gold ingots?

From a weight perspective this is very interesting, but do I risk being short-changed by the eventual disconnect between the value of the metal vs. the value of the coin (eg. if I buy 500gp. worth of pure gold, how much money can I get when I sell this gold back?)?

If yes, to which point? (Of course, I am ready to accept the "your character doesn't know this" answer.)

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexis Smolensk said...

Truth is, your character doesn't know it. You don't know what the value of the gold would be once it was melted down. You don't know how much of the coin actually is gold.

Most states make it illegal to destroy currency. You're technically destroying the image of the monarch in the process, which would be equivalent to defacing the monarch; so anyone associated with the project would have reason to denounce you. As well, the mint uses a very precise metallurgical process, which would have to be removed; that would require a relatively good metallurgist (alchemist, like Mikael), who in turn would have to be willing to take part in such activity (so, not a stranger).

Wandrille Duchemin said...

Thank you for your answer.

To clarify my proposition, I wasn't proposing to destroy any coin.
I merely wanted to buy the gold ingot (jeweller's gold, 24K, 1½ in. by 1 in., ½ in. thick) on Stavanger market (or any other ingot there), and wandered how much I could sell it back.

I guess I'll settle for carrying everything on me for the moment, and asking a puddler whenever I can.

Wandrille Duchemin said...

My equipment is set up on my character sheet.

James said...

Sorry about the quadruple post, new phone is throwing me off.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Sorry, all,

I've got a lot going. To save time, I'm reading your comments on my email feed and then answering ... forgetting to moderate the actual comments. I'm seeing everything, I'm just not posting it on the blog.

I suggest holding back on any comments going forward. I'm going to move you into the campaign, as you seem to have seen the equipment list. If you could remove your extra comments, James.

OH! Regarding selling back, you get paid about 40-70% the value of anything you sell to a shop, if it is in good condition. So you would buy the gold and lose up to 60% of its value.

IF you have mercantile skill, and IF you take it to a place where the gold is markedly higher, you can make a profit. It also helps if you are a member of a merchant guild, as you can get up to 90% of real value that way.

Okay, like I said, hold back on questions for a bit.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I have added Mikael and Rob onto the present combat map. Go check yourselves out.