Friday, May 25, 2018


Three cheers for Agravain, who found the lost tarot content that I'd created in 2010.  The material was printed and I just received images of the content.

Thank you.

And to all of you, who are finding this content worth saving.


Agravain said...

Thank YOU for the content.
I can say it was was worth saving, and also playing.

Pandred said...

Nice save!

Dusk said...

I'd be quite interested in seeing the tarot content myself, whether that is the saved images or if you're rebuilding the original documents.

Not the sort of thing my player characters are likely to use, but maybe good for an NPC or two. Besides, I have a very pretty tarot deck I need an excuse to do something with!

Ozymandias said...

Same hwre. I haven't touched my cards since college and I'm itching to break them out.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Give me a few days to tidy them up.

Baron Opal said...

Excellent! Glad to hear that effort was not lost.