Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hard Date, 26th of March

Okay, I can say with near-certainty that I will be posting the first podcast, an interview with a fellow from Maine, on the 26th of March.  Podcasts will follow once a week after that, for as long as they last.  There may be an opportunity to record others, as I don't have 13 episodes to round out the season ... or I may set up some other agenda (depending on the feedback I get) and record it.  It took just three days to make a solid edit of one podcast, which sounds perfectly natural, with enough professionalism to make it comfortable but not so much that it detracts from the pure, authentic quality of the material.

Which is just what I wanted.

For guests of the podcasts, I'll let you know the air dates for your interviews the moment I know for sure what order the episodes will be aired.  I'll get my best impression from the edit; I have a good idea who I want to follow whom, but until I'm actually listening and cutting, I won't be absolutely certain.

Not much else I can say.  I wish I could post the podcast right now, like I would a blog post ... but I'll listen to advice and hold off.  I do hope it proves beneficial for listeners.  I ask you to share it around, get others listening, post links to the podcasts on your blogs, on game sites ~ what the hell, even on reddit.  Lot of people in gaming are reddit fans, and I often get page views on the blog from something someone posted there.


JB said...

So exciting!
: )

Sterling said...

I'm very excited to hear all of these! I think you're right to space them out a little. At least for me it will prevent binge-listening and reduce the risk of missing something good because I went through it all too quickly without reflecting on each one.