Sunday, March 4, 2018

Playing Out

Went to a little place called the Shoebox Games and Cafe, where I did some r/l game running, the first I've done in many months.  That's me on the right.  Truth is, I haven't had a space and more to the point, I haven't had a computer.  We've been trying to set up with a regular game day for a couple of months ~ not just a single session, but actually making a commitment ~ and it finally came around.

With this group, we haven't actually played since 2016 ... so we didn't get much done, what with everyone trying to remember what their characters could do, what level they were and how the character sheets were laid out.  Still, there was still a strong commitment to playing, and to feeling the roles they had.  It is always reassuring to know that even after a year, people are still ready to sort out their free time to come back and play with me.

Long ago, I felt there was a problem keeping players, but I haven't felt that much since 1985.  If I lost every player, it was obvious I could just show up at a place like this for a number of nights, offer to run for people and build up a mob.  That's in spite of my being curmudgeonly or ~ as this page put it ~ "... super old school and grumpy about it."

Old school, yes; but perhaps that just proves I know what I'm doing, or that I'm tremendously conscious of the players at the table and what they expect.  I'm able to play two parts at the same time: to be a hard adversary against the player characters, while being empathic and supportive of the players themselves.  Perhaps I'm just ready to run.  Whether I have a story in my pocket or not.

It was a good time.  For those in the city of Calgary, who might be familiar with the Sentry Box and what a bag of snarling cats that place has become, you might try this place at the north end, near McKnight and Edmonton Trail.  They were considerate, supportive, enabled the table for the sake of our supporting the eats and drinks (no additional cost) and were very friendly.

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JB said...

Lucky duck. No idea when I'll ever get around to restarting. But I look forward to the day I'll be able to rebuild my own "mob."
: )