Monday, March 19, 2018

Podcast Dates (soft)

Barring a connection with a DM that we couldn't reconcile, that we might yet solve, I've now completed my interviews for the podcast.  After the first few, it seemed rational for me to leave off actual publication of any of the dialogues I've had until all the interviews were recorded in the blind; with no one knowing what anyone else had said about their games, their ideas or their methods.

I think it is an excellent sample of DMs.  These people are, I would stress, authentic.  They're not running their own channels and they're not dependent on what the internet thinks ... so they're not trying to impress anyone or make themselves look cool, like virtually every pundit with a vlog.  I'm very glad of the choices I made in questions, framing the interviews and setting up the content to be cut and ultimately presented.

Just now, I'm treating the 26th of March as a soft date for the first podcast.  I haven't got a single episode fully cleaned up yet, but I feel confident that I can have the first ready in 5 to 10 days, for certain.  I had time off from work in order to set up for the interviews, but I'll be going back to work so I won't have all day to work on editing (or on the wiki, as I've been enjoying).  Still, I feel confident that, once I'm organized and a little practiced on the editing, I can turn out one podcast a week for as long as the recordings last.  They won't be published online in the same order as recorded.  I want to move them around to get a good mix from week to week.

If I miss the March 26th date, I will certainly be good to go the first Monday in April, which is the 2nd.

I haven't said how many podcasts I will be putting up with this "season" ~ most likely, less than ten.  I'm not giving any definite numbers until I cut them.  Any that don't get published will be on account of the production quality, and not the content ... on the whole, I've been happy with every single podcast, in terms of what was said and what was presented.  But there are mic issues there and I'm not sure how much power I have to make a recording clean enough to be understood.  I have very limited resources where sound is concerned; I'm not a miracle worker.

I do know an editor who might be interested in saving something that I can't manage myself.  I plan to get in touch with him.

My plan now, once the podcasts begin to run, is to set up for a second season, which I hope will start the last week of September/first week of October.  The agenda is fairly set, though I still want to think on it.  I will have four months to ready myself before I start recording in August.  It will be a completely different form of game discussion ... but just now, I'll hold back on making those plans public, as I think someone might possibly steal the idea.

Not much more to say.  The podcasts will have to speak for themselves.


JB said...

So looking forward to hearing these (for compare and contrast). Now super curious about the “second season;” will it be riffing off issues that cropped up in Season One interviews? Or something you wanted to get to in S1 (but couldn’t due to self-imposed time and content restraints)?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Actually, it will be a complete departure.