Sunday, March 25, 2018

Authentic RPG Podcast, with Sterling Blake

The first episode of the first series of podcasts ... communications with everyday role-playing DMs and GMs, as it pleases the reader.

After listening to the podcast, here's what you can do to support further episodes and ideas.

First and foremost, please thank Sterling Blake for taking part.  I haven't any links for him, but he's around a lot lately and he could do with both praise and good spirits.  I have tremendous respect for the fellow, he did a good job carrying the weight of the podcast and I think he deserves recognition.

Secondly, share.  I've asked readers to do that before, and gotten very little in return, but damn it, send the podcast in an email to at least one person ~ and then tell that one person to share the podcast with at least one person.  It's free, costs nothing but perhaps a little effort, no one will slight you for it and it will mean the world to me.  If you want the game community to be full of smug-faced assholes that tell you to fudge dice, sit on your ass and do nothing; but if you want people like Sterling to feel that there are others out there, just like them, then share the podcast.

Thirdly, a donation doesn't hurt.  I know most of you already give me plenty, so if you do, ignore this; but I went hard to the wall to make this podcast friendly and accessible to everyone, without my usual self having a role, and it wouldn't hurt to bend a penny or two in my direction for it, if you've never given me a sous before.  I would certainly appreciate that also.

I will have another podcast ready in one week's time, plus or minus the hours between ten o'clock Sunday and sometime Monday morning, Mountain Time.



Maxwell Joslyn said...

I'm glad I checked in before going to bed. Can't listen to it just now, but I mailed the podcast to a friend (who will definitely be interested) so he can listen to it tomorrow.

Dave said...

Is there an iTunes feed? That’s how I normally consume my podcasts.

Alexis Smolensk said...

No. There is no iTunes feed. Nor will there ever be.

Ozymandias said...

Right at the end, YouTube suggests another D&D related video: Matt Colville's latest upload about meta-gaming.

Bit of an extreme contrast, I must say.

Ozymandias said...

People I've shared with have remarked they can't access it on a podcast hosting platform; do you have any plans to share it other than through YouTube?

Alexis Smolensk said...

I won't use a podcast host again. After being misused by Soundcloud, which cost me money and did nothing for me in exchange for broadcasting content that I could easily broadcast for free on youtube, it took six months of emails to force Soundcloud's criminal collections department to stop trying to charge me a monthly fee for content I had removed from their system.

Never again.

JB said...

Wow. Just finished listening. Great, great stuff. If your other interviewees are the same quality as Stirling, you've got quite a series here.

'Course now I'm worried that I'm going to come off as an ass in MY interview.

Good work, man (and the editing/length was just fine). Looking forward to the next one!

Sterling said...

Thanks for posting this, Alexis, I had a tremendous amount of fun doing it. You did a really nice job with the editing--I'm far more coherent in the playback than I was in my head at the time thanks to your skills.

I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of the series!

JB, thanks very much. I'm humbled by your kind word.