Wednesday, July 12, 2017

That Was Easy

1 hex = 20 miles
That didn't take very long.  These are the Faroe Islands on the right, an area of 1,399, or about a third the size of Rhode Island.  The islands are little more than bare rock, yet there is a population of nearly 50,000 here.

I haven't calculated the exact population in my game, so I can't say at the moment what the tech level would be.  The same is true of the four regions of Iceland, though for all of these regions I wouldn't expect any part to be higher than 9.  As far as Iceland goes, the area of Vatnajokull won't be included in determining the population density, so that will improve the potential tech level a little in the three outlying areas; Sunnlend, around Reykjarvik, won't be too bad.

Adventuring in these areas would likely be a one-time campaign to get a specific object, communicate with a specific entity or otherwise end an adventure.  Players might want to try living here, but there are going to be long months of little activity due to the weather, which of course can be skipped.  Still, lack of easily obtainable access to the rest of the world would likely discourage settlement.

Spitsbergen next.  It was called Spitsbergen after the archipelago's existence was confirmed in 1596 by the Dutchman Willem Barentsz; but I'll have to find some other name for it, since it won't be occupied by humans at all but by some other race.  I have decided which, but I intend to keep that a secret.  In real history, the islands were used for hunting walruses for their tusks and bears for their skins in the summer months; but that won't be true of my world, either.

Remember to vote on my poll regarding my next region for mapping; beginning to look like West China, which is fine by me.  No coastlines.

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