Sunday, July 16, 2017


Damn, these annoying corners of the world that my OCD won't let me ignore:

I wanted to show it in relation to Bear Island, in the bottom left hand corner, also an annoying rock that needs ten minutes to map [mostly to get it in the right hex], in the Barents Sea.

Here's the same map, without Bear.

Note that I've changed the colour scheme for the glacial areas; I went back and did this for Iceland, too.

The only piece left between Europe and Greenland is Jan Mayen (heard of it?).  It's also owned by Norway, which makes it technically the last piece of Europe I have left to map.  But I just don't feel like dedicating so much as ten minutes to it.  I'm just sick to death of fjords and islands.

Anyway, I've also updated the Google Drive, for those who have donated $20 to my Patreon account.  A2 - East Svalbard will give an indication of Svalbard's relationship to the very top of Norway.


  1. Your map work is wonderful. I believe you said once you use MS publisher, yes? Have you looked into other formats? Do you know if google earth have a tool the would be useful?

    I used to do my maps in AutoCAD, but my maps were not Earth. It was not an optimal format, but it was what I had.

  2. At this point, I have gotten so good with Publisher that there wouldn't be much sense in my taking up another format; I would lose a year or so in the adaptation process. For the record, I did all the comics on Publisher as well.


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