Saturday, July 29, 2017


Hello All,

I was thinking.  There ought to be some kind of service the reader can invent, that I can perform here on the blog, that would be worth $1 on my Patreon for the month of August.  I won't ask for charity, not this time around; but the Patreon is going to be taken out in about 36 hours, so if someone wants to give me a dollar in that time, and suggest something I can give in return that's worth that much to you, maybe we can deal.

What'ya say?  Answer a question?  Explain something?  I'm open to suggestions.  Then you can donate a dollar to my Patreon for the month of August.


  1. Hello Alexis !

    I finally pledged for you on Patreon, the 20$ for maps - although it's mostly for your continued work.

    I hope money will come with your new media outlets !

    Take care, be well, don't stop.

  2. In my opinion your recent game related posts and most of your other posts are easily worth at least $1 a month if not more. You are taking in a vast amount of information, probably much more than you reference in the blog. You then pick out relevant and useful bits and present it through your lens of producing the best roleplay experience you can. I have paid more for less.

  3. When you say the Patreon will be "taken out," do you mean it's going offline? Will it be back at a later time? As a contributor, I'm curious to know if there will be a long-term impact.

  4. Any particular reason Patreon is flying south?

  5. "taken out."

    The donations to my Patreon account are processed on the first day of every month. It is this that I referred to with the obscure words. My apologies.

  6. Vlad, be sure and contact me at, so I have your most recent email and can give you permission to the map folder after August 1st.

  7. Thank you Stuart. You've been a great supporter and I'm glad that I give good return. I can't think of better praise for any writer.


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