Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Iceland Finished

Okay, so here it is.

For those who have access to my maps on google drive, I've created a publisher file and added the above image too, for examination.

This doesn't quite complete Europe for my world.  My next step is to work on the Faeroes Islands and then Svalbard/Spitsbergen, neither of which need much research and shouldn't be too difficult to map, though they're both loaded with extra coastline for the areas they cover.  Then, it is a question of what I do next.

Before Iceland, I proposed a poll ~ and was not very surprised when Iceland was picked.  I'm going to make another poll, and will not be surprised when this time it comes up Greenland ~ though that will be a huge amount of coastline work without much meaning or gratuity to my overall game setting.  People will pick it, however, because they know my next poll will include a piece of North America ~ and that, eventually, I'll be voted into working on parts of the United States (where most of my readers dwell).

That's not entirely a bad thing.  I will get around to running again, both on and off line, and it would probably be interesting to run an American-based game.  Of late, I have been contemplating more and more the prospect of retaining an Amer-Indian culture for continuity, based on a demi-humanoid culture of my own invention (rest assured, the skin color will not be blue!).  The whole project concept, however, would subvert the real world's framework for new world inhabitation, largely because my whole Northern Asian culture is made up of hobgoblins, goblins, bugbears, ogres and elves . . . there being no logical possibility of human migration through that mess to populate the two new continents.

Some might take a negative political view of that, but c'est la vie.

And seriously, if you voted for Iceland, which I've created, and you seriously want to now vote for Greenland, it isn't asking too much for you to kick in a buck or two to my Patreon account.  Nyet?


  1. Looks nice. The one available market would make life pretty rough adventuring around there.

    I think that's almost certainly on the low end of tech levels, yeah?

  2. Pandred, be sure and vote on the poll on my sidebar this week!

  3. Looking through my notes, made more than ten years ago, it turns out that Akureyri is also a market. Huh. So I am updating the map image above. Thanks for the poke, Pandred.

  4. As of this comment, Western China-Mongolia has the lead. Interesting...


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