Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Book is Good! People Tell Me So

I have simply got to beg a little help.  I have now heard from others who have read my book and enjoyed it.  Please.  Don't just tell me in private.  Tell others!

Lulu requires a log-in to review the book on their site, so failing that, WRITE IT HERE.

Willing buyers want to know if the book is any good.  Tell them!  I'll take all the help I can get!


Ian Burns said...

The book looks like it might be interesting, but $19 is too steep for a paperback, in my opinion.

Alexis Smolensk said...

$9 for the ebook.

Costs money to print a book, Ian ... and the price compares with any new book store. I have costs too ... and what I'm asking for in return for 6 months of my sweat and my labor is the cost of four cappuccinos.

I appreciate your position. I wish you could see how good this book is.

Lukas said...

Did you read that awesome preview on the store page?

The preview button actually links to some content from the book. Just hit it then use the arrows on the top right to change pages.

I don't know why the site shows the cover again.

joe said...

I'm halfway through it. When I finish, I'll post a review.

Katrina Powers said...

I got my copy of the book on Saturday and haven’t been able to stop put it down. I’m now on chapter 9. The story has really reminded me of Spider Robinson’s Callaghan’s Bar series both in the flow of the telling and the way the stories are separate but linked. Also in the light hearted comedy added to even the darkest of situations Pete and the Motley Crew of the Garage find themselves in. The more emotional things grip me and make me want to see a positive outcome for Pete, or success for one the many bands.
I hope there will be more tales from the Garage in the future.

Strixy said...

Read it! Laughed my ass off. I've actually read almost everything Alexis has written and this book is right up there with his best blog posts, his best newspaper articles, his best scripts, and his best appearances on the Late Show. Oh wait, that whole Late Show thing hasn't happened yet. Get this before he sells out and winds up on the Late Show!

Anonymous said...

I'm not generally one for reviews, but here goes: It's a good read and worth the $.

Pete's Garage has both warmth and truth to it and its author displays skill in its execution. These shine through whatever minor blemishes might exist (being self published this most likely wasn't once-overed by a professional editor).

As the fictional memoir of an almost-was rock star, the story really works and this is probably its strongest suit. The fantastic elements of the story are downplayed (to the point of even being underplayed in my opinion) but fit, so there's no sense of anything being forced here. This is a pleasing work of fiction by a competent and professional writer. If you like the blog for more than just the hex counting, then you should give the book a chance.

Anonymous said...

And humor. Warmth and truth and humor. I always forget the humor.

Kyle said...

Literally just finished Pete's Garage. I was left wanting more. I bought the eBook to read on my tablet, so when I actually checked the page count, I was surprised to find myself a page from the end.

Pete's Garage is a wonderful read, and I can't wait for more work set in the same universe. The classical influences to some of the characters appealed to the thematic influences I have had since I was young. The humour present in your writing made me burst out laughing several times, having to explain myself to my fiance, who gave me that "whatever" look.

Good job, Alexis :-)