Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Have Been Pretentious

Gentle Readers,

I have seen the error of my ways.  This site here has shown me that D&D is a game for children.  My efforts to investigate it as a game that is involved and filled with adult themes has been pretentious.

So I am announcing that, going forward, I will only be writing posts that are meant for children.  I would please ask that you go to Brad's site and give him your support for enlightening me in this very important way.

Thank you.


Arduin said...

Ha, fuck those guys.

Especially since your 10k word post was just about immersing yourself in character.

I love it. I love the idiocy, because there is nothing to do about that level of sheer stupid but to love it as one loves a mentally disabled child.

Oh, how cute, you can't be assed to put ten minutes worth of effort into your character and you want others to feel bad for doing so.

Boo hoo.

Fuck those guys, keep doing your thing. If this is pretention, so be it. It is enriching and revelatory pretention.

Josh Graboff said...

I will never understand the kind of blatant and rampant anti-intellectualism that characterizes the majority of D&D bloggers. Regardless of whether one agrees or not on any given point, the idea that the argument is purposeless and the subject unfitting says more about the person making the claims than about the game or the argument.

It takes a lot of gall for someone to decide what things are worth the probity of serious thought and what things aren't, and it strangely seems to include a large amount of bias—most posts of that kind hint that anything the poster ENJOYS should be accepted passively without consideration because that somehow "ruins" the enjoyment.

Anti-intellectualism at its finest.

YagamiFire said...

Stupid people get angry when they see something they can't wrap their head around?

Where's that Willy Wonka meme picture so I can use it to illustrate my desire to be told more?

The ignorant are as they ignorant do. "ZOMG Why you think so much?!" Yes...what a brilliant argument against someone thinking...

Christ, and people wonder why I'm a misanthrope.

ravencrowking said...

@YagamiFire: To be fair, no one is really wondering why. :D

@Alexis: It was an excellent post and well worth reading. I had it linked on my blog as such before it was declared pretentious. Keep on doing what you do!