Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This is difficult to explain on a blog.

Last Friday, urged by my daughter and her friends, I journeyed over to one of the casinos in town to catch a show headlined by Shannon Smith.  And it must really, really be said that she and her crew needs to get a really good video on line.  This is the best I could find:

And it doesn't begin to capture the feel.

There's something I haven't said about myself since starting this blog.  I like to dance.  A lot.  And I'm good at it ... after a fashion.  I'm 100% in the space, my body is an instrument and I just let go.  This usually gets the room's attention, it gets the band's attention and it usually brings a round of applause the first time I get up.

So, anyway ... the gentle reader ought to know from my videos that I'm a pretty big guy.  I weigh about 260, and you wouldn't think all that could get moving, but it does.  Friday night, I proved it.  I was slipping into a move I haven't done in about ten years; basically, its all a matter of momentum.  I swing my left leg around, I get it under me, I jump with my right leg kicked up to about 80 degrees and I lift six, eight inches off the floor.  The people I was with said eight.

I did this without thinking, and I did it in front of the lead singer, Shannon - who lost her place in the song.  I was told by the band later that this has never happened before.  Shannon laughed, said she couldn't believe it ... and I doubled over, laughing ... and Shannon turned around, snatched one of their albums and gave it to me as a prize.  Then she found her place in the song again and we both continued.

I wish like hell I'd had a copy of my book to give her back, but we've been sold out since last week.  I expect new copies to arrive today or tomorrow.

So I got a CD for jumping.  And its a good CD!  Shame no one captured the jump on their phone.

Anyway, it's all off topic.  I wanted to say that my will to dance is one of the reasons I love musicians, and add that somewhere that night, between fifteen or twenty dances, I pulled a muscle in my thigh ... and it hurts like hell.  So if I've been grouchy lately, we'll say that's the reason.


joe said...

My dad is about your size and also loves to dance, in fact, he took first place at a recent dance competition at the Chamber of Commerce.

Of course he spent the next three days in a hot tub sucking down a steady diet of painkillers.

But he got a sweet trophy.

Kent said...

We need heroes in these dark days even if they are dancing heroes.