Monday, August 8, 2011

Sculptor's Shop

To be honest, I'm going to be glad when this series is done.  At my count, I have posted 901 different items in the last two months, not counting the gems I posted back at the beginning.  This makes 38 tables so far.  By my count, I have 20 tables left to post.

If that doesn't make the gentle reader's jaw drop, I don't know what will.  At this point I'm exhausted with the whole process; most of the tables posted will have to be reposted, as certain changes in the back system has affected prices on the spreadsheet that are obviously not automatically changed on the blog (it will be so much fun to fix them, yay).  I know I have another month, month and a half ahead of me.  One a day would make it quicker, but I know I don't have the enthusiasm I had at the beginning of this, and that I'll limp to the finish with it.

At this point I could use some encouragement, believe me.

That said, this table was somewhat fun, in that I screwed around with working out the price for a couple of existing items.  Sadly, the prices aren't strictly accurate; the prices given for Michaelangelo's David and Hatshepsut's column are for what they would cost if they were in existence in Kronstadt, Transylvania.  Their actual price in their actual location would be somewhat different.  Still, I think they both serve to give an impression of what a really large monolith would cost, should a city wish to put one in place.  Incidentally, the various qualities of the items are measured according to the table on my Bard character, which can be found here.

It's good when things can fit together like that.

Otherwise, I don't see much here that needs explanation, so I will move on.  The Shipwright is next, and that might take a bit more time.  I started the bigger fixes because I change the wood algorithm from the ground up.  Next post I write probably won't be an equipment list.


  1. I noticed that when you last did these tables, there weren't any guns for sale. Will they be in the Weaponsmith's table this time?

  2. I wasn't aware that Alexis included firearms in his campaign, and from what I recall he does not.

    That said, -please- finish these tables! So many items on this are things I wouldn't even have thought to include, but your statement on verisimilitude in the Scrivener's post was exactly so: if it's there, people think about it.

    The granularity, the sheer reality that these equipment lists provide is very refreshing. I, for one, will be sad to see their completion.


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