Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Worthless Map

I wanted to put together some of the my maps and possibly update this map from last year.  The problem is, as I put them together, to show them in any kind of visible detail at all requires far more space than Blogger, or my Publisher program, can handle.  This is a .png from a file that is 150 megs on Microsoft Office.  The .png is 3 megs.  It isn't bad for detail, though it gets too blurry to read the numbers or the names.

I have found it written on other blogs around that I am wasting my time with these maps, that maps are practically useless for D&D, that its really inconvenient to have to refer to maps while playing the game, about what a waste it is to have areas mapped where the party isn't even playing right now, that DMs shouldn't have to count hexes to determine how long it takes to get to the next city, blah blah blah and so on.

You guys all know how lazy you sound, right?  I mean, you really do know?  Because, shit, you guys sound really, I mean really, fucking ass lazy. 


Carl said...

I'd like to read some of these other blogs to which you refer.

The complaints you've showcased indicate to me that these folks would rather be playing something like Fable or perhaps World of Warcraft if they're into "social" gaming.

Why are these poor bastards still playing D&D?

Ugh. I need some sunlight.

StevenWarble said...

There are many things on your blog I could disagree with, but these maps are beautiful, useful, wonderful....

JDJarvis said...

Some chuckle heads think drawing big maps is a waste of time for a D&D campaign? Really, since when?

Arduin said...

I've been fascinated with these maps since they first appeared on this blog, what the different colors meant, etc, but seeing them all together like this is just beautiful.

Keep up the amazing work, Alexis.

Anonymous said...

A lot of things look useless to people who can't figure out how to use them.

I personally would be a bit embarrassed to describe a map as useless.

well ... whatever.

We all know you'll keep obsessively producing these beautiful maps until you someday get bored. At which point we will collectively look at ourselves and go ... crap. Who else has the drive to make that effort?

Blair said...

Anyone who would think a hexmap of Arabia is useless is an asshole with a gaping hole for an imagination.

Carl said...

Maps are generally the most useful thing that I can garner from published D&D materials. Thanks for posting yours.

PatrickW said...

I see what you meant a couple years ago when you indicated that Turkey was bent due to being on one of the "folds".

The work you did on the mountain arc from Turkey, across Iran, and into Pakistan is impressive and beautiful.

And yes, they do sound like lazy burkes.