Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Perfumer's Shop

I suppose I can't say why I decided to include mistletoe, holly and oak leaves here under the perfumer's rather than at the apothecaries' shop ... it just felt right somehow.  And I am aware that many DM's would play that the druid must collect these things personally for them to have any potency at all; except that I don't limit a druid's spellcasting in this manner, although the Player's Handbook advises it.  For me, these are merely ingredients for potions or other magic items.  And still, I feel it more likely that a druid would turn to a more natural source to create said potions, and not something urban like the apothecary's shop.  Thus, they are found here.

As before with other places, the perfumer's wares are luxuries that make for good treasure items.  As essences, it requires only a small bottle to be worth a fair amount of money.  Ten bottles of natural musk oil, lotus oil or civit would make a very pleasant addition to a treasure of gold and silver.  Of course anything on the list, in sufficient quantity, is a treasure fit for a king.

A proper four leaf clover (shamrock leaf) could be an excellent find for a zero-level character, if pre-level adventure is your thing, and I can see how an adventure could be built around finding an example and getting one to safety.  The same might be said for traditionally collecting any of the druidic items on the list - an easy first level adventure, with a fair coin offered.

The Potter would be next; I'll get to it today or tomorrow.

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