Friday, May 17, 2019

A Little "Fun"

The above is a screen shot of the water use calculator (available for download) I've written to simplify the dehydration page of my wiki.  It simply shows how much water in fluid ounces, or pints, that a character needs to drink per day, based on their body weight, the ambient temperature and their food intake.  This is a job half done ~ it doesn't take into account what a character would need if they had a disease that caused diarrhea or vomiting, but those things can be calculated on a case by case basis.

The table on the left, labeled in green, is not part of the calculator, but is a simplification chart for quick reference if the DM would rather not use a calculator all the time.  It represents the typical amount of water a character drinks in cups (8 oz. or 237 ml) per half-day, when travelling or performing ordinary labor.  Do note that the food eaten is taken into account, so that 60 lb. creatures can get their water intake, most of the time, from the food they eat.

For ease, halve the amount if the character is resting and double it if they have fought a battle that day.  If the weather is hotter than sweltering, use the calculator.


Pandred said...

Always love seeing more weather stuff. I would say that the rigors of travel, of the hard road which adventurers travel is probably the area that most interests me in terms of adding meat to the game.

Have you abandoned all work on the old wilderness damage system? Lumped it in with your CLO/overheating rules? There was also talk of "Comforts" not too long ago and frankly, I remain intrigued.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I seem to be accumulating other ways to trouble the party with the weather, without having to resort to a flat damage. The Malady checks, for example, the dehydration, the CLO as you bring up.

Just now I'm working on the making and nutrition of food, with rules from regular reader Sterling, where the wilderness makes it difficult to make food well, since once you get off road there are not proper kitchens. Just now, I feel that these little annoyances add up to a better "meat" for the game than my earlier idea.

Thing about ideas; they can't be loved too much. Often, they are nothing more than a midwife for a better idea.

Silberman said...

While we're on a wiki post: at the $12 Patreon level, would you be interested in doing some sage abilities for manipulating the signs left by one's party in the wilderness? This could include covering up evidence of a campsite or skirmish, making it look like the party turned left instead of right at a fork in the path, creating the impression that more or fewer travelers were present, to sophisticating entire "scenes" that a less-experienced tracker will be taken in by. The end result, for the player, would be to throw off or discourage pursuers and local intelligent monsters. Essentially a sort of counter-tracking, and therefore maybe higher up in the Scouting sage study.

Alexis Smolensk said...

An authority level skill, I think; "conceal passage" ... would include building the sort of fire that could be covered and be limited to persons without animals or vehicles. Would also include covering tracks as well as campsites. In the Scouting field.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Hello Silberman, thank you much for your donation. I've seen some interesting research and I'll have a write-up for you hopefully mid-week. In the meantime, think of something maybe you'd like to see in June and we can go again.