Monday, March 18, 2013

New Greece Maps


I should be able to print the quarters of the map on the Wiki in 300 dpi ... though that is going to mean changing the organization of the wiki's map content.  Each map will be a meg in size.

Quarters should look like this:

For more than a month I've been working to get my Greek map posts remade and polished.  Here they are, complete with full infrastructure details.


Vegetation & Infrastructure

Political: Yellow (Ottoman), Orange (Naples),
Purple (Venice), Green (Ragusa)
I'll be quartering these and detailing them further in my Wiki.  That will probably take a couple of days.  You can find a key for the vegetation map three quarters down the page here.

If you open them in a new window, you should be able to get the large enough to get a good look.  I've left the hatch marks so that when I add these to the wiki, the reader can see where the cuts are.


JDJarvis said...

I've noticed the comments flow far more from opion pieces, gaming philosophy, and tables. The map maker bits I post as geomorphs get plenty of traffic for my blog but relatively few comments (I don't even get "these suck" comments).

Your maps are what made me notice your blog. The words keep bringing me back.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Thank you JD.

YagamiFire said...

Looking at this, it occurs to me that this methodology could be applied on a slightly more "micro" level to large cities themselves to flesh out the various levels of neighborhoods and such in it.

That could be a really good basis for structuring more "urban" campaigns in huge cities actually.

In general, however, I continue to be amazed at the shear possibilities of your approach to attaching mechanical statistics to land. Just awesome.