Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Vizzini:  I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.
Roberts:  You're just stalling now.

To all the poor, sad, disgruntled, unsatisfied, ignored people who have taken the time to comment on this blog and who have not seen their genius presented.  You have an alternative.  You may take your grievances regarding what I have not published, and therefore have not acknowledged, here.  In this magical place, you can whine, piss and moan to your heart's delight, and you shall be bouyed up by your fellow complaintants as a good and steadfast intellect of the highest degree.  There, every concocted truth about the motivations and character of the author of this blog shall be accepted with the sincerest belief, as can only be known about a person who has never been met.  I encourage your participation there.

I don't want you here.  That's a terrible sentiment, I know, to have about my fellow human, but it is true.  Last week I made a series of propositions that led to an enlightening, enjoyable discourse between persons who felt inclined to write long, long posts presenting their points of view.  It was refreshingly lacking in bullshit.  This is because the bullshit was removed by me.  I am in love with moderated comments, knowing now that it doesn't seem to stop the SMART people from commenting here.  I also know now that the dialogue doesn't get sidetracked by attempts to politically 'spin' the topic, or degrade into semantic nonsense, or philosophical sophistry.  How wonderful that is.

So take a shuffle off to Buffalo.  Take the A-train.  Go anywhere else.  Please.  Because no, there's no soapbox for you here.


Carl said...

"Diogenes was particularly upset by lavish interior decorations. At one rich man's house, finding himself surrounded by carpets and cushions, he spat on the owner's face, and then wiped it with his cloak and apologized, saying it was the only dirty place in the room he could find to spit."

-Peter France, Hermits, The Emergence of the Individual

I skimmed the site you've linked here. Looks like thin skin to me.

This topic, How To Build A Better GM, seems to be something worth examining in detail. Your depiction of the class at university was funny, but maybe if it was given under the school of fine arts rather than social sciences it would have a better chance.

noisms said...

It amazes me that some people seem genuinely hurt by your comments about the GM Challenge.

An anonymous person somewhere on the internet said something about something they were engaged in that they didn't like. I mean, boo-hoo.

R.W. Chandler said...

In response to noisms here, I want to say, I certainly wasn't genuinely hurt by your comments. Rather I was simply trying to understand where you were coming from on the issue, Alexis. And I do see where you are coming from, although I might not agree with your stance, I'm certainly not going to flame you for it. It is your opinion.

Kenwolf said...

i would rather have a person be harsh and honest then nice and lie about what he truly thinks of things. i haven't been reading this blog for very long and i am just now starting to read the past posts on it. alexis seems to be very honest in what he writes. is his style of blogging for every one, no. but he comes up with some very good ideas.

DRANCE said...

Kenwolf: since when do "harsh" and "honest" have to go hand in hand?

Alexis said...

Truth hurts, Drance.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is Drance's sixth comment today. It is the first that has not been personally abusive, infantile, accusatory or off topic. I don't generally like to post Drance's comments. Drance is the owner of the blog that is linked four times on this post and still he feels he must continue to read and comment here, despite it being very clear he's not wanted. Drance makes quite a lot of comments about what I should do about this blog and how I should run it and according to what standards and so on and so forth. Drance has some issues, and he has chosen to work them out here. I suppose I am responsible for encouraging him, since I occasionally take advantage of his random swinging at the gate and post something he's written. It's kind of cruel, I know, but sadism is a natural element of the human condition. We all possess it a little. I'm going to exercise mine a little in the next few hours by not publishing the eighteen answers he gives this little post script. Well, maybe I'll publish numbers 5, 9 and 14 ... a writer needs some fun to break up his day.

Incidentally, the pity party at Drance's blog is going sensationally. They're having a great old time over there. Hopefully, they'll like this answer, with all anger-fuel it has.

For all my other good readers, thank you for the comments and the support. I has been very considerate and much appreciated. I hope we can change the world.

Carl said...

"Without cruelty there is no festival: thus the longest and most ancient part of human history teaches - and in punishment there is so much that is festive!"

-Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality (1887). Essay 2, Section 6

Nietzsche sure had a lot to say about the Internet, didn't he?

Alexis said...

Yes, God bless 'im.

(heh heh heh ... just a little joke)