Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Logo Attempt #2

The only real strategy I have for making art is throwing it out there at the audience and seeing if they like it.

Today's version.  Better.  Image needs work.  I don't like the sword.


  1. I like the texture of the clothing in this better, but otherwise prefer the composition of the previous one. I wouldn't shy away from red for the corpse's pool.

  2. Exact same clothing. Nothing changed except the background color, which fools the eye.

    My partner wants blood too, but I told her no. I just feel it's gauche. But I appreciate the input on that particular feature.

  3. I don't love the corpse. I like the background, border, and font, but I'd go for a skeletal corpse with a spear stabbed in it. I have an old image in mind but am struggling to find it.

  4. I guess I'd say that authentic D&D has more freshly dead bodies in it than long dead bodies.


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