Thursday, January 18, 2018

Don't Starve

Those who may have wondered what happened to my daughter, who took part in the podcast I did 18 months ago, may be interested to hear her play the game Don't Starve.  She recorded this last weekend and posted it Monday:

I've been using the game as a reference point lately to point out that realistic graphics are not that necessary for presentation.  However crude a rock may be drawn, we humans still immediately identify it as a rock.

Sometimes, a creator will get far too concerned with the quality of the art and lose touch with the agenda.  The rock can be aesthetic, but where it comes to game design, it is more important that the image conveys a message: i.e., that this is a rock.  More is not necessary.  So don't fight too hard to make things look sensation.  After, if you feel the need to upgrade the rock, you can.  But up front, the message is enough.

[note also that the girl's head is nowhere near believably sized]

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