Sunday, January 14, 2018

Call for Podcast

Regarding the subject of interviews, which seems to have caught the readers' attention, I'd like to begin scheduling dates with people in February, if anyone is brave enough.  Specifically, I'd like to limit times to Wednesdays and Thursday evenings, from 7pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time.  If, as some of those interested are, you are from Europe, I think we can make arrangements for 6pm to 9pm Sunday (10am to Noon my time).

If you feel you might be interested, you can leave a message on the post, contact me through Facebook (I think I am the only Alexis Smolensk in the entire world) or email me at

I grant that there will be plenty of reason to hesitate.  Some will want to see a few of these, at least, before they feel comfortable with the idea.  There's lots of reason not to trust me, or perhaps to trust your own message, whatever that may be.  All I can say to the latter is that there are thousands of people who DM with the same doubts, the same uncertainties, the same lack of confidence that you have ... and that you are the person these others most need to hear from.

Having gone through this nest of advice-givers, it is clear that we don't need more "experts" who know only to repeat the same messages over and over, most of them reworked from business-designed orientation mythology and human resources doctrine. Your lack of confidence is a plus.  Your uncertainty about managing games or people is the message that we're not hearing.  We're only being informed that it's there, just before it is totally ignored by people presenting easy fixes and empty rhetoric.

This is what we have a chance to present.  The more I think about it, the less necessary it seems to make this about disagreement.  This is about the struggle everyone in the game is feeling: how does this work and what have I already tried?

If you want to wait, please feel supported in that decision.  If you can help me out by being one of the brave, and trying this without the format being 100% certain (everything is a learning experience), then please do.  At the beginning, we shouldn't try to accomplish too much, or worry too much about who's watching.  After all, we'll hardly get more than a hundred views whatever happens.

I was thinking of calling it "Authentic Role-Playing"


  1. I'm game. Though I'm a bit nervous about playing the guinea pig, I think I could stand to gain a good deal from the kind of tailored discussion you laid out in the original proposal.

  2. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from other DMs in this format. I hope your audience proves to be bigger than you think it will.

  3. Alexis, I'd like to step forward for this too. I'm not sure how interested anyone really is about hearing me on these topics, but I'm very interested in hearing from them. My hope is that my participation will encourage others and, if I'm lucky, maybe even something I have to say is helpful to someone in their game.

  4. Sterling,

    If you feel you can talk for forty minutes or so on some of these questions, then email me at

    As far as hearing YOU in particular on these subjects, or any person for that matter, aren't we all in the same basic struggle - defining an indefinable game? I feel that anyone who is prepared to express themselves without reservation has a message to give; I am only concerned about those who may find themselves unable to speak about anything after five minutes. It is a podcast, after all. Being highly conversational is something of a must.

  5. I'd be up for giving it a go, if you'll have me. Especially with the revised questions you posted; those would prove even more interesting points of discussion.

  6. Why not, Fuzzy? Dig me up for a time on I had someone drop out on me for the 21st of Feb, so I'm good for that date, for the 14th of Feb, and if not those days, we'll have to talk 8th/9th of March.


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