Saturday, December 16, 2017

The New Computer

I'm going to buy my computer today.  I need one that includes office, as virtually everything I do is in word, excel or publisher.  I use the office picture manager a good deal to cut and clean up pictures.  The second monitor that I connect to my laptop has an old VGA HD-15 adapter, so I'm going to need a cord that adapts that to a VGA HDMI (or I may have that reversed, but that's the idea).

Apart from that, I should be fine. I only play games on Steam, so I don't need any ancient piece of hardware like a disc drive.  I'd love more than a terabyte of memory, but 8-gigs of ram and a quad-core are far more than enough power for me and what I want to do.

Let me thank my readers again ... and assure you that the computer will enable me to do a number of things that I haven't been able to do.  I feel encouraged about a number of projects that I can put into motion before spring - including, at long last, the opportunity to find somewhere less stressful in order to write.

I wonder if I can explain how difficult it is to work on something in depth as a novel in a world of continuous interruption.  Perhaps I don't have to.

There's always a chance I won't come back today with a computer; that it won't have the features I need or that some unforeseen problem will present itself ... but I hope that the next time I write something on this blog, it will not be on this keyboard.


JB said...

I feel you, both about interruptions and MSOffice. Even on my MacBook I run the Office suite.

Best of luck, man. Glad we could help you have a happier holiday!
: )

JB said...

Of course, you might inquire about post-Christmas sales at your local computer's possible that you'll get more "bang for your buck" after the 25th (besides, it's tough to write when involved in festivities and holiday cheer). Just a thought.

G. B. Veras said...

I'm not too much into hardware (software developer indeed) but my advice is to get an i5 processor of 7th generation. One of the best cost-benefit I suppose...