Thursday, September 8, 2016

The World Thus Far . . . Again

Let me begin by apologizing.  Up front, this isn't anything I haven't posted before.  Twice before, in fact.  But it does bring the completed part of my world up to date, adding in the western Sahara and Senegal:

This isn't a very clear map.  The world is getting bigger and bigger and it is stripping the hell out of my computer's capacity to save it as a remotely detailed png - at least, one that can be viewed well on Blogger . . . or even my wiki, for that matter.

Thankfully, however, I have found a way of managing a single image at 20% of its actual size in reality.  This makes an image file that is 50 megabytes.  That's too big for blogger, too big for just about anything: but with a little coaching, I have loaded it onto Google Image.  Here is the url:

It will take a moment for the fuzziness to clear on your computer as you look at it.  It is very big, after all.  Were I to print this in real size, it would be something like 25 feet by 16.  Too big for a computer screen.

I trust this will look interesting.  If it does to you, please support my Patreon, so I can go on adding to its size.