Friday, September 30, 2016

Roughing Scotland

It always looks a mess at this point.

Working on the coastline, plotting cities and towns, sketching out the boundaries of provinces - the last of which will probably change before I finish this map.  The above, I will not hesitate to say, was a lot of work; the Scottish west coast is not an easy line to plot.  Glad that this part, at least, is behind me.  Plotting the coast is one of my least favorite things.

But doesn't it look pretty?

There's the rivers yet to do, the drainage basins need to be calculated for that, plus the actual borders need drawing - and at some point, adding in the trade markets and the roads, though I probably won't do that for a long time.  Roads - because they fit into the trade system - are a huge headache.

There's lots of work to do, lots of work for all the rest of Great Britain, too.  Slow and steady work.  I like to show my work, however, particularly so I can see this post a few years later and remember what Scotland looked like before it was done.

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