Monday, May 9, 2016

Western Sahara

For weeks now, to relax, I've been steadily adding to my maps of the south fringe of the Sahara Desert, working eastward from Mauritania.  These are big, empty sections of the world with few cities that are - compared to England - actually very simple to manage.  A big desert erg covers hundreds of empty hexes that only have to be colored to complete - the only effort is to define the boundaries of that desert against other deserts or areas of relative civilization.

In any case, here is a map of the Sahara Desert west of Algeria.  If the reader is familiar with the diamond shape of Algeria, the bottom point of that country would come about three quarters down the map right on the right-hand edge (about half way down the white space corner).

A composite of six Saharan maps.  Where two labels appear on the map
it is due to multiple maps being folded on top of one another
(the label is written out on each map)
I know the detail on the map isn't great.  It doesn't matter, because these maps are not done.  All I've established are the names of the areas/topographic features, the boundaries of the kingdoms on the south edge of the Sahara and the plotting of towns and cities.  I'm only posting it now to give a 'feeling' for the map and to remind the reader that a $20 donation on Patreon gives access to the Publisher versions of these (the above shows six maps overlaid on each other - some of which don't quite match up, because there is still a bit of work to be done on each map).

In any case, please enjoy the feel of the map and the sense of size.  As always, hexes are 20 miles in diameter.  Total area represented is about that of the United States west of the Mississippi.

I'll be posting later today on the subject of D&D classes and tutoring.

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