Sunday, May 22, 2016

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I must say, it was our hope that we would get just two students before the end of the month.  Hard as it may be for us, just now this internet monetizing D&D thing is what has enabled us to survive these past four months and it is the only job I have at the moment.  I have been able to get some part-time and temp work these last three weeks, just little short-term gigs where I've cleaned up a friend's resume or typed in data entry for a few days - but it hasn't been quite enough to get us through to the end of May.  We're just three hundred short of covering our rent and now I'm pushed to admitting that while I'm sure that tutoring is a very good idea (positive responses coming from everywhere), we had hoped it would help us out sooner.

Don't know exactly what we're going to do.  I don't want to admit any of this but I'm under pressure and I can't just ignore the avenue provided by this blog, as it has saved us again and again since February.

Just recently saw Joe vs. the Volcano for the first time in many years.  Brilliant, much underrated film.  I wish this was as easy as jumping into a Volcano.

But . . . just to remind the reader.  I still have a Jumpstarter campaign that is active, that still offers a very good module, Ternketh Keep, and still offers a very good preview of the Fifth Man, the book I am writing.  Please, if you haven't, give these elements some consideration.

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JB said...

Ugh. Not even two? That sucks.

My time for on-line classes is fairly haphazard at the moment, though I'd certainly like to participate. I need to get my Skype in working order, though, first (and make sure my internet connection is fully functioning).