Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tao & Tao's Daughter Podcast Episode 5

At last!  A fifth podcast, one week and two days late.  After all the struggles with formatting and editing and trying to process the file we made into something that could be visual and go on youtube, we had to pay Soundcloud six cruddy dollars a month to up our top limitation.  Even at that, it will only be good for this podcast and two more - and then it will have to be $16 a month.  As I am facing right now being out of my place come the end of this month or - if I survive into June - next month practically for sure, that really bites it.

But, here is the podcast:

Warning, some of this is pretty severe.  There's no reason it shouldn't be.  So long as it is interesting, I'm not the least bit sorry.