Monday, November 10, 2014

Time of the Year

Well now.  I've been dead sick for a little more than two days.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been that kind of delirious sick that gives me really great new ideas.  No, this has been that sort of mundane sick that makes me want to bang my head on the wall until I fall unconscious.

Still, I may live.

I am about to do the following under some duress.  I have voices shouting at me to do it, voices I respect.  Since right now I don't respect myself much (don't worry, it's a symptom resulting from proof of mortality, no big deal), I am inclined to trust them.  So here goes.

Christmas is coming in six weeks.  How to Run and How to Play a Character would make really good christmas gifts.  Order them today.

I know people do not think of these things.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Doug said...

Mine are slated to arrive on Wednesday.

Oddbit said...

Feel better.

Good time for random educational videos you have queued up?

JB said...

I ordered How to Run a couple days ago (as a birthday gift to myself)...I'm hoping it will arrive at my house in Seattle around the same time I do (returning from Paraguay for a couple weeks).

Looking forward to reading it, Alexis. Feel better soon.
: )

Andre S said...

Sorry to hear that ! :( I hope you get better soon !