Thursday, November 13, 2014


It is true, I am pushing the book hard this week.

As of last night, I finally received approval for getting my book placed on the shelves of a local Chapters/Indigo store, the first of many in the city.  Chapters, for those of you in America, is very much like the (defunct?) Borders, a big box store that sells books by the pound.

While writing the book earlier this year, I went to see what else on the subject of RPGs that the store was selling - to see the name of the section and how best I would sell it.  Online, I had found a Chapters selling Pathfinder; and in the past I have seen straight D&D books on their shelves.  My examination, however, turned up exactly nothing.  The 'role-playing' shelf that I was directed to look at contained books describing Marvel characters, graphic novels and fanbooks about Star Wars and Star Trek.

So, I don't think there's going to be much competition.  Nor do I think that Chapters gets a lot of customers coming in and asking for books about role-playing.  So I do have it somewhat clear in my mind the likelihood of the books flying off the shelves.

Still, I understand that it's possible to get a table out front where I can pitch to customers coming in - which will be more or less like a mini-version of a comic-con, where I'm the only presenter.  I am definitely ready for that.  I see that as a terrific opportunity.

So I am happy.   There are other stores (each must be approached one by one) here and in other cities. The process is to just keep marching forward until something tips.

It's strange to me that How to Run was finished only four months ago.  Seems like a long, long time.


Kyle said...

The local Chapters here has maybe a 4x4 to 5x5 section of actual RPG books. D&D 3.5 to 5, Pathfinder, and some other stuff that I don't recall right now.

Jomo Rising said...

Yes, all of the Borders have closed. They came to my home town and became quite the hangout. Very sad. Barnes & Noble are still running.