Friday, November 21, 2014

Pointing the Way

Ah, these silly ideas.  They do spread, don't they?

Hooray for the point crawl.  A truly wonderful tool for DMs (fuck players).  Where all the difficulties of actually mapping anything is replaced by - wait for it!  The LINE!

Woot, lines!  Lines that are so exciting and thrilling and full of dimension and possibility.  Lines!  'Ray!

Yes, that's right, your whole gaming experience can be reduced to squares and lines on a map that are in no way a reduction of verisimilitude or suspension of disbelief.  In this wonderful future DM-friendly (fuck players) concept, you'll have three, nay four, lines to choose from, immersing you in a world as miraculous as a tour at your local State Capital building.

That's right, now you can follow the yellow line to cardiac surg- er, um, the dragon's den or the red line to the orc village, neatly and clearly laid out as a strait railro- er, um, possibility-conductor to your soon-to-be-sensation next adventure!  Truly excellent.

Yes, players will be less disoriented by blank map spaces!  Less bothered by things that the DM has decided contain nothing of interest!  Less inconvenient DM world presentation and aesthetic design!


DMs, change over today!  Fast track your way to a world you can make in five minutes with a ruler!


Ozymandias said...

A Google search for "point crawl" returns this site as the first item:

and Tao's post as the tenth. The other eight are not related to gaming.

Just saying...

Alexis Smolensk said...

I came across it this morning, I'm not sure where, and then this afternoon at this blog.

That's often enough for me. Did you have an algorithm, Ozymandias, that will tell me when a trend reaches a point that you feel it is worthy of discussion? Cause honestly, I'm just wingin' it here.

Lord Gwydion said...

Just in case you feel the need to give yourself an embolism or something, Talysman of The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms and Telecanter are the other bloggers who've been throwing ideas out regarding the point-crawl. Happy reading! :D

Alexis Smolensk said...

See? I'm not crazy.

Kyle Maxwell said...

At least some of the recent discussion resulted from a blind player / DM asking for some ideas to facilitate his play. That introduces a whole set of constraints I'd not previously considered, myself. When evaluating something, it's worth keeping in mind that somebody else might *have* to do things differently. (I say this in full awareness of and respect for your newer post on "The One True Tao", which I guess might be a response to this in part.)