Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No News is Bad News

For those of you out there who may feel bad for the Gamerati, because I've been mean to it, or to Ms. Joanna Gaskell, look at this:

This is the stats bar on the youtube page of Ms. Gaskell's 'memories' - I couldn't help noticing yesterday that it had about 1,100 hits, gained since being posted on Apr 2.  The big green spike at the bottom right - that is from being mentioned and discussed on this blog.  It has gotten more page views in the last day than it gained on the day it was launched.

The staff at Gamerati ought to be noticing this, and they ought to be talking to me.  They ought to be asking me to be their next Gamerati spokesperson.

Think I should apologize to them and do it, when they call?

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