Friday, July 12, 2013

One Hit Die

Three months ago I trashed the Big Bang Theory for a pathetic depiction of D&D, citing the endless parade of pathetic depictions and wondering why the game can't be presented, well, respectfully.

Somebody in the great beyond must have heard me. Not long ago, upon the advice of a friend, a director of an upcoming online comedy series checked out my blog and was most excited to bring me on board the production as a technical advisor. I've been sitting on this information for awhile now; and even at this time, though the series is due to start in August, I still can't point to a website and say, there it is.

The show is One Hit Die ... there's a gateway webpage and more on facebook.  And I have pictures.  This has to be the coolest one:

The token goblin

I know at the present that the principle shooting of the first four episodes has been completed and that the series is now in post-production. I've seen the scripts of course, I can say they were quite funny and clever, fairly making light of the various tropes of the game.

This is where I came in, since the production staff wanted someone who could tear into the scripts and identify any game problems or issues. This I did, writing notes all over everything, primarily pointing out how people were going to guess at the levels of the characters, who would be able to perform what actions, what those tropes usually were, how people would interpret various lines and so on.

Now, I'm not so foolish as to believe that as the "game advisor" that anyone is going to listen to me. I didn't see the final scripts, I don't know what advice they took and to be honest, it doesn't definitely matter. They took the time to seek out SOMEONE who might actually know something about the game, and that has to be about a million times more than those morons who make movies with D&D in the title.

I am more than pleased they chose me. It was a terrific experience. And I look forward to seeing the final results, lo about six weeks from now.

More pics, for the curious:

Naturally, a thief.
An expected, far too sweet, cleric.
One grumbling mage ... check.

And one kick-ass fighter ...
without too much skin.


Kyle said...

Looks like it could be interesting.

I can't wait for you to watch it, then compare the final scripts to whatever pre-production ones that you were given (if you still have them), and elaborate on what advice they took.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I can't wait for you to watch it, Kyle, then come here and elaborate to me whether it was any good or not!

Maximillian said...

I look forward to watching it!

You should also check out
journey quest, it sounds similar in the combination of poking fun of the ridiculous tropes, while still being respectful. I particularly appreciated the goblins.

It can be found at

For those with a taste more farcical, I also enjoyed standard action:

Anonymous said...

We should have at least a landing page up there for y'all by Sunday.