Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Haven't Heard A Bad Review Yet

When someone else blows my horn, I'm going to point at it.  This in from Kyle:

"Literally just finished Pete's Garage. I was left wanting more. I bought the eBook to read on my tablet, so when I actually checked the page count, I was surprised to find myself a page from the end.

Pete's Garage is a wonderful read, and I can't wait for more work set in the same universe. The classical influences to some of the characters appealed to the thematic influences I have had since I was young. The humour present in your writing made me burst out laughing several times, having to explain myself to my fiance, who gave me that 'whatever' look."

Feels good, every time.  Thank you Kyle.


Lukas said...

Not going to lie, never got that having to explain what's funny thing. It NEVER works. But then they insist if you brush it off and I would just be a jerk at that point to say, "You just have to read the book."

Of coarse, if I find it that good perhaps they should.

Anonymous said...

The ebook was worth full price. Interesting concept, decent plot and narrative structure, likable narrator, horror show climax, believable relationships and behaviors, happy ending. Never been a fan of epilogues, but ok, you write one, not bad.

Only criticism is there's one segment where every one sounds kind of The section with the three way flurry of puns.

But then I reminisced about times in school when's so drunk I student canned up, and remembered every one getting in that groove of talk alike.

So, ok, really a good read with some thoughtful moments.

Justin Kennedy said...

A perfect storm of circumstance has befallen your poorly defended ebook, Alexis. Allow me to explain:

I am currently working in a small and boring town, getting paid well for my time (as far as what I am used to), and have just 20 mins ago splurged on my first tablet. A few more spent dollars to grab a highly reviewed read, use my new toy as an e-reader, AND support the only D&D professor to hold my interest is a no-brainer.

Ergo, I move even now to plunder your literary trove. Any monies left in your account at the conclusion of the afore-mentioned plundering are merely fertilizer to speed the production of more plunderables. I am, after all, a responsible plunderer.