Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Links Search

Something I would like to do, that takes a lot of work and effort, which the gentle reader can help with.  It occurs to me that I can greatly expand my wiki if I add links to it, organized by subject matter (unlike a dogpile), that lead to other blogs and places.

I'd want the final word on what would actually be linked, but ... some of you readers know me well, and you have a good idea of what I want.  Not just opinion, and not just 'here's how I do it in my world,' but something useful that would be helpful in anybody's world.  I also think I'd be interested in elaborate, expressive graphics that emphasize something in D&D that's difficult to express.

I'll certainly take suggestions, and if they're good, I'll add them to the wiki.


Quincy Jones said...

What subjects should we focus on for starters? Where should we propose links?

And please clarify what "elaborate, expressive graphics that emphasize something in D&D that's difficult to express" might be. Landscapes? Dungeons? Spells?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Propose them here. Any subject in the core handbooks, preferably AD&D (but I'm flexible) that either isn't adequately covered or was improved upon by a given post.

Yes. Landscapes. Dungeons. Spells. Buildings. Etc.

Quincy Jones said...

I've built up a collection of settings for my own use, hyper-linked and sorted by biome, landscape, architecture, general exteriors and interiors, props, etc. Around 350 illustrations and photos so far, all in one html file, but Blogger's tag limitations are preventing me from pasting the source code in the comments. Happy to email it, if you want.