Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wiki Wound Up #1

As it happened, four pages a day turned out to be a bit of a reach.  I did not actually manage two pages a day.

Those going to the New Wiki will have noticed that there are several pages that are without content.  This is simply because if I'm working on a page (say, characters) and I make a reference to weapon proficiencies, its easier to create a blank page I can link to now rather than going through old pages looking for references to proficiencies later.  This way, when I do sit down to write out the proficiencies, the links are already there.  This process is going to go on for a fair time ... but at least they give some idea of new pages I mean to create at some point in the near future.

Here's a list of pages created this last week that are worth a look:

Multi-Class Characters
Racial Limits
Rolling Characters
Habsburg Zones
Ottoman Empire - Balkan Zones
Croatian Lands
Horseback Riding
Wind Speed
Fiume Market
Overland Travel
Ship Travel

For those of you not interested in economics, I'd stay away from the 'zones' assets.  The Fiume market is missing the price for things that are not available, but it is a complete list of my present equipment (very extensive).  The Croatian Lands link is a group of three maps.

I thought I would start putting the huge maps from the Same Universe Wiki on this one in quarter-sections.  Doesn't give the full picture, but once there are a lot of them, readers can line them up on any graphic design program and enjoy the larger map surfaces.  Since my old computer died last summer, it has been painfully slow to update my many maps, so these are going to go on the wiki slowly - I can do about one a week just about indefinitely.

Regarding the weird, unpopular statisticals stuff ... there's going to be a lot of that.  I guess what I have to say about it is this:  yes, most players would never have any use for it.  Yes, to some degree it is information that is not of immediate use even to me.  But I have a theory that if something is THERE, someone, somewhere may find a use for it that simply never occurred to me or to you, the reader ... and that therefore, that information is the real value in a sandbox.

That is, that in a sandbox, the owner of the box is not the only person who decides how a sandcastle is made, or what the sand can be used for.


Ozzie Pippenger said...

Do you have any systems or formulas in place for players engaging in large scale trade? In my last game, a player moved into a small, poor town and tried to sell a few thousand pounds of salt. I'd made salt more expensive there because it was farther from the mines, so he wanted to sell all of it for a large profit.

It seemed to me, though, that he'd have trouble selling so much of the same good to such a relatively small amount of people. That he'd saturate the market, and the value would decrease or he'd simply be unable to find buyers. I wanted to come up with some kind of formula considering the size of the population, the average wealth of the residents, and how useful the product is.

So, my question is, have you ever dealt with something similar in a game and how did you deal with it? If not, how would you recommend dealing with it?

I understand if you don't want to publish or reply to this, but you seem like an expert on this type of thing and I'd like your opinion. If we could keep it totally separate from our other conversation, that would be ideal.

Alexis said...

Ozzie, you really haven't read this blog, eh? :)

On my sidebar you'll find 46 posts under the heading "Trade." You'll find a bunch of posts I wrote equating the Civilization IV economic system to D&D under the heading "NTME."

And one of my most popular posts on the subject is this, Let's Try It From The Beginning Again.

Lukas said...

Though that would make for some good information to have in the near future for our mission building excursion.

Chris Hogan said...

*delirious archive binge-ing noises*

That is all.

Arduin said...

Love the new wiki, and am really looking forward to seeing all the pages fill out, especially since I've lately taken to trying to run as close an approximation of the ideas I see here as possible.

It's been both easier and harder than I imagined, as it is often difficult to see where I can or can't take on the books-as-written, but there is such a breadth of information that this can and does often sort itself out.

Thank you, many times, for the insight and depth you've offered folks like myself for this game.

Arduin said...

Something to note: the "Lands" post images are quite small, and do not enlarge when opened in a separate tab. As your Dalmatian lands posts include infrastructural numbers, this makes their relative unreadability something of a hindrace.

Not sure if there's another way to open them to a larger size, or if they'll have to stay at current dimensions, but either way I'm loving the new wiki so far.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That problem is solved, Arduin. See, the program lets me open the originals, so I didn't know there were no links. Let me know if there are other visual problems, if I made them too big.

I haven't had much time to work on this wiki these last two weeks. It has been one thing or another connected to the book - and will be for awhile. But thanks for the encouragement.