Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The New Wiki

Because I am insane, I have decided to try the process of a wiki again, nominally for the purpose of storing and accounting for my house rules, of which there are many.  I think I shall also be throwing in just about everything that is hard data about my world, in order to account for that also.  The wiki is here, and a link can also be found on the sidebar.

I'm setting myself the task of four pages a day ... which should be fine so long as most of those four pages are light things, or that which I've already written about before.  Much of it will be material from this blog, but without the discussion.

At least then, if I wish to continue to pundit here about things, people can't say I'm not also turning out hard campaign data.

There's only been yesterday and today, and I owe two more pages for today beyond what I've done.  I'll be updating what I've done for the previous week on Wednesday's going forward.

Note that on some pages there are the words, "RULES NOT IN EFFECT" ... I think this is an interesting way to note that which things I have no rules for, or for which there are rules too inadequate to use.  It helps as a note for things I need to address, and might serve as an inspiration to others who might choose to tackle those things.

And since I like attention as much as anyone, it would be nice to hear a few comments about the idea, the pages or anything else related here.  If the gentle reader would be so kind.


Anonymous said...

Love the new wiki if for no other reason then the old one was blocked by my work. Looking forward to checking in daily to see what's new.

Sam said...

I have spent a lot of time fruitlessly searching your main blog for house rules mentioned on the campaign blog.

I feel very selfish but grateful that you're putting the work into this wiki and I look forward to reading more!

Are Braaten said...

I've occasionally peeked at your wiki, for no other reason than curiosity. I wondered about how some of the stuff was in you setting, and looked at cities, rules, maps and trade goods. I helped clarify some of you writing. At least a little bit. So I think you should do it. You know, to please a complete stranger.

Alexis said...

I wrote a house rules post that you can find linked here, Sam. I'll be updating it on the wiki over the next weeks.

Charles Taylor (Charles Angus) said...

Regarding the Ship Travel table, from my reading on sailing, it seems unlikely that a properly commanded ship would be "blown off course" by anything less than a gale.

Even in extreme conditions, a vessel typically has two options: heave-to (which more or less makes the vessel stay put), or run on poles, which makes the ship travel dead downwind at some fraction of its top speed. For a small vessel, a gale is probably enough to force one of these options. A larger ship or schooner can probably generally continue on reduced sail under gale conditions.

Also, at least on a fore-and-aft rig (like a schooner, bermuda-rig, ketch, or yawl), a deep reach can often be faster than straight running, as there is no risk of gybing (more sail can be carried), and the keel can be effective in moving the boat.

Charles Taylor (Charles Angus) said...

Also, the wiki is bloody fantastic. Thanks so much!

Sam said...

Fantastic, thank you!

Alexis said...

I don't doubt a word of what you say, Charles. I know so little about sailing, I have to admit my ignorance.

However, to make the game more Playable, inconvenient for the players and increase drama, I'm going to let the error stand.

Arduin said...

I am ecstatic. I still check the previous wiki on occassion, if only for access to the Maps.

Sure I've the .pub files, but I have to get those converted to PDF over the internet to see. And that extra thirteen seconds is preposterous!

I hope this wiki stays strong!

Imon Fyre said...

Love the idea of you getting back to wiki'ing your world, hate the fact that it is semi-blocked here at work.

Oh well, reading for later on at home :)

Maximillian said...

following up on what Charles said, It would seem that the amount you're blown off course would depend on the tack you're taking?
(I'll put words in his mouth and suggest that a captain might have a good idea of how much they were blown off course, and in which direction)
Also, remember that without clear skies, or some sort of magical location getting, a storm would prevent you from knowing precisely where you were, so there was some inherent chance of going off-course even without strong winds. After the development of timepieces and sextants, I don't know what technologies improved navigation accuracy, nor when.

The new wiki will be very helpful, especially for a newer player like myself!

I feel ok arguing this particular rule, since I get the impression this is a newer rule, but I wonder if the wiki will incite endless rehashing of rules, since there isn't the inclination not to necro old posts.

Scarbrow said...

I must ask, what will happen to the old wiki? And of course, its content. Do you plan to migrate it? Or you will just write things on the new one and leave the old one for reference?

I admit I was leaving the wiki for later, after I had read your entire blog. And you write awfully fast, so I can't barely keep the rhythm. But I was saddened to discover it was being dropped.

Oh, and great choice of format. A wiki is much clearer and easier to edit to keep a compendium of interlinked rules than a blog.

Alexis said...


I don't know what that means, "I write awfully fast ..." Yes, I write between 65 and 70 words a minute, when I'm on, but unless you're behind me reading over my shoulder, trying to keep up ...

LOL. I presume you mean you're trying to read my backlog and my present writing. Poor you!

Most of what's on the Same Universe Wiki I plan to migrate over. There are some things on the old wiki that I've decided aren't worth continuing ... and I am in the process of redesigning every map I have, which is taking A LOT of time. What's more, I have completely lost all my passwords for the old wiki, and can't get into it to change anything no matter what. So it will still be there, probably into perpetuity, unless its fabricator, Carl of Seattle, decides to take it down.