Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pete's Garage, Copy in Hand

Next stage achieved ... I have the book.


Arduin said...

I do like the book, or rather, the excerpts, and I'm more than happy to throw my pennies behind my favorite living author.

Just gotta get the pennies together first. I hope you catch the break your book needs.

Johnny said...

Now THAT should sell the book.

James C. said...

I also have the book in hand... well, figuratively in hand. It's at home on a book shelf. I'm looking forward to diving in soon.

Butch said...

I was really interested to hear why you took the self-pub route instead of trying to publish it. I think that's a really great strategy. If nothing else... hey, you wrote a book. You wrote a book!

But the self-pub strategy really appeals to me after last month's tweets from the woman who works as a literary agent... she "live-tweeted" as she read through queries from about 90 authors. Of the 90, five made it to the next cut, where she asks for a partial manuscript. So 85 were either "pass" (got a form rejection letter) or "detailed pass" (got a rejection letter that actually provided some feedback as to why they rejected it).


Some of her tweets reveal her thought process:

Next in #millionqueries, a massive flashback starts the novel. Pass.

Next in #millionqueries, there are some funny lines but overall, this isn't drawing me in. Detailed pass.

Next in #millionqueries a mystery w/ an OK premise, but in first page protag wakes up AND goes to the mirror to describe themselves. :( Pass

Next in #millionqueries: comedic thriller? I think? Opening pages are jokey and not at all my thing, pass.

Yeah... I think self-pubbing may be the right call.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yeah. I love that, "...not at all my thing ..."

But then, people who write jokey comedic thrillers are liable to drink on tours.

Keith S said...

Congrats, man. Gotta give props to those willing to write and edit a book, let alone publish the thing. Good luck!