Wednesday, July 27, 2011


These last few weeks the presentation of my equipment tables has been run ragged by Eric, whose online presence I won't go into; you can follow the link of his name through any of the recent equipment posts.

Today I've been reposting the tables for Brewer, Cobbler and Leather Worker, wholly due to the tenaciousness of the fellow's apparent belief that if I'm dumb enough to concoct tables like this, he's damn well going to keep me honest.  As things are, if I had the money to hire someone at $40K a year to come and work on my world as an employee, I'd hire Eric.

Oh, Eric, for the record ... I did a bit of reading about the malting issue and adjusted the price of that, too.  I hope you find the new numbers more satisfactory.

I can't let this opportunity go by to point out how I have been wrong in a number of instances this last post-heavy month, as demonstrated by Eric, and that I have been willing to A) admit it; B) set about spending my time fixing it; and C) not get mad about it.  The thing is in this instance, Eric is putting forth arguments that are actually arguments, giving me reason to reconsider my previously held position and ultimately change it.

Oh well.  I don't suppose anyone noticed.


Oddbit said...

Nobody notices when something stays the same.

Eric said...

Thanks for your kind words, Alexis! I'm glad to help with this. I usually have to suppress my urge to nitpick. The new figures for beer look a lot more sensible to me.

It's been a while since I had a real need to do historical research-- Google Books makes it really, really easy.

If you get a chance or feel the need to resolve the Baker table, would "baking someone's dough for them" be a service some baker offers?

The Pon'farr Spock said...

Opensource your equipment table project and people like Eric could contribute for free -- he seems to be doing that anyway. :)

Alexis said...

I see the smiling face Pon'farr, and I really like Eric, but it breaks down to this:

Total time spent on trade tables:

Alexis (including conception, development & implementation): 14,000 hours over twenty years.

Eric: 20 - 40 hours, being generous.

Pon'farr (who would get the benefit): 0 hours.

I hope that isn't unclear.