Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Furniture Maker's Shop

Back to business.  I've been sitting on this for a day and a half, and I'd like to get it going.

Certain frustrations with this table forced a new analysis of the wood algorithm (which has been my problem these past weeks), but I think I have it solved now.  I will have to repost the previous tables, since the prices for wood are now slightly adjusted upwards across the board.  I'm a little happier with how it lets be 'build' things.

None of the things on this table will cause any great stir, I think, but for those people who like to get gritty about their homes, this should be good.  Establishing how big a mess hall should be, for instance, by virtue of the number of tables that can be fit inside it, with the number of men each table will serve.  From the mess hall one can work out the size of the kitchen - based on the necessary number of cooks needed to serve a set number of men in a set period of time - and from both of those the size of the whole castle.  If, as I say, grit is your thing.

Naturally, the item I'm most proud of is the four-poster bed.  It's nice to see it come out at a price which suits my preconceptions (not that those preconceptions affected the math), particularly since Transylvania is thick with furniture manufacturing and has plenty of wood.  The same bed in a desert environment would be considerably more costly - though the linen for the canopy and drapes would be cheaper.

If anyone can think of something that truly needs to be on the list, for general purposes and not just from interest, I'd appreciate a heads up.  I can't think of everything.


DisPater said...

Forgive me if I've missed them elsewhere, but would chests/coffers, wardrobes, bureaus/chests of drawers, and those sorts of "container" furniture also be made by the same fellow?

There would no doubt be some overlap with whoever makes locks and whatnot for strongbox-type chests, but it seemed to me that the furniture maker should probably at least be able to make these sorts of things fairly easily, and they seem useful.

Eric said...

Where would I go to buy a chest or a trunk? I note that the brewer stocks barrels.

Anonymous said...

Some kind of chest or box maybe? Possibly with a double-bottom and/or a lock ;)
An ottoman or sofa or armchair?
A cabinet? with just shelves, with wooden doors, with wooden and glass doors?
A stool? both three- and one-legged.
I'm not sure about your campaign timeframe, so I can't really come up with more :)

Alexis said...

DisPater & Eric,

Wardrobes would be made by the furniture maker. The armoire is a bureau/chest (it is the French word). Chests and trunks would be supplied by the woodworker. I'm only up to F, but the woodworker will eventually present.

It isn't really just one shop you'd be buying at, but all the shops of that guild in that city. Calling it a 'shop' in the blog is technically a misnomer.


The 3-legged stool is a good idea, as is a cabinet, probably with the wooden doors. Padded furniture was almost unheard of in the 17th century, but perhaps I will eventually add that in. I'll probably update the table with stool and cabinet by tomorrow.

No worries about coming up with more. An antique furniture site could come up with as much as I wanted. My concern would be, what would a party actually have use for?

Thank you all.

Steven H said...

Desks and shelving come to mind

Alexis said...

I've updated the table, adding the stool, the wardrobe and Steven's writing desk.