Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki, November 29, 2010

Listing off the things added to the wiki this last week:

A table for Dice Combinations.

The cities files for the Kingdom of the Habsburgs, the Archbishopric of Mainz and the House of Nassau.

A table for the effects of armor on movement.

A description of my Bard character.

A considerable expansion to the first Biology Table.

And maps for the Yenisey basin, the Angara basin, the Upper Lena basin, the English Channel and Germany.  Don't get too excited.  All of these maps fall in the category of not finished ... and in the case of England, maps not even started.  But I decided when I started this that I'd just go ahead and show the partially done work along with the completed ... the Germany map, though only 2/3rds finished, still represents a terrific amount of work of which I am proud.

I hope the above links provide some interest.


Anthony said...

Just a quick catch, you list your bard as having D8 HD in the level chart and D6 in the class description.

Just wanted to drop a line while reading before I forget; thanks for sharing your material.

Alexis said...

Thank you Anthony. I always appreciate editing. Chart now reads d6

biopunk said...

Golems from a creche?

I learn something new...