Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wiki, November 16, 2010

For awhile, I'm going to float on the work I'm adding to the Wiki, updating here daily.  After awhile I hope to be less exhuberant, updating what I've added weekly.  But for the time being, I hope the gentle reader will forgive.

Today's Page and it's Mother.


Anthony said...

I'm having trouble getting an account activated on the wiki. My requests are not being answered within the 24 hour time window that the wiki states for account activation. Should I instead send emails to the wiki admins?


Alexis said...

You cannot get an account with the wiki without permission; it is not a public wiki, but one that is meant to be published by a selected staff.

If you wish to post material on the wiki, please send it to me at alexiss1@telus.net, and if what I see looks good and in keeping with the focus of the wiki, we'll get you a password.

Anthony said...

I sent an email to your Alexis at wiki email address as posted on the wiki's main page. Should I avoid using that and stick with telus.net?