Monday, November 22, 2010

Wiki, November 22, 2010

Bit by bit, I do make the effort to add something to the wiki every day.  Here are the most recent additions:

A table indicating Encounter Actions according to intelligence.

Stubs for three tables that will eventually be a sprawling mess of information: a biology table, a table for details about monster presence prior to encounters, and a table for types of encounter behavior.

Three maps: Upper Volga, Central Urals and the Ob-Irtysh river confluence.

More coming throughout the next week.

In other news, my friend Carl is no longer posting at Three Hams Inn ... so I am removing that link from my blog.


C'nor said...

So I've created an account on the wiki. How soon can I expect to get the confirmation e-mail?

C'nor said...

Also what direction are the maps supposed to be read in? You've designated the Ob-Irtysh river as a confluence (here and in the description) but reading from the left shows a fork. Which is indeed the name of the map itself. Which one is correct?

Alexis said...

Hi C'nor,

Membership on the wiki is limited to those who have hard material to share and who have demonstrated reliability to those in the group. If you have something of interest, which would be of practical use to any DM running an old-school world, and that you would like to see posted, please send it to me at

Alexis said...

Fork: One of the branches of such a bifurcation or separation: the right fork.

Confluence: A flowing together of two or more streams; the point of juncture of such streams; the combined stream formed by this juncture: the right fork.

I'm sorry. It sounds like you're asking me to explain that sometimes more than one word can be used to describe something.

C'nor said...

Well I'm an idiot. I was using the wrong definition for confluence. However some of my post is still relevant. So here's what's still related:
As for the wiki thing: That makes sense. You might want to put something of that nature on the create account page though, so that anyone doing so is forewarned. Mostly I was simply going to fix some small spelling errors and such (Like this one in the biology table: Int: All creatures shown thus far are of no intelligence ... thus, zer. I'm assuming that should be zero.), so that everyone else could work on generating new content.

Zak S said...

In what fraction of encounters do you personally use the Encounter Actions table?

Every encounter? Every encounter where you haven't decided the entity in question has a specific plan? Only for random encounters? etc.

Alexis said...


I have not yet personally used the Encounter actions table, though I did introduce 7 ochre jellies at the end of my Saturday's running, so I intended to...the party backed off and started making plans, and we ended the session there.

At present there are not enough examples here for an actual table. As far as the specific entities here having a specific 'plan,' none of them possibly can because no monster listed has an intelligence greater than 2. Most have no intelligence whatsoever. An ochre jelly cannot, by definition, have a plan. It will act in the way completely instinctively.

Eventually, I would want to have many possible actions for more intelligent creatures - the more intelligent, the more possible actions. But I haven't gotten that far, yet. Moreover, I'm just now putting the data I do have into a publishable format. I hope to have all creatures up to 2 intelligence done by the end of January or before.

Zak S said...

Wait, what? I'm talking about this table...

It says "It has served me well for years" next to it.

Or did somebody else write it?

And it goes up to Supra-genius.

Alexis said...

Sorry, I thought you meant the other table, this one:

I will try the correct answer. Yes, for the older table, the one that I've used, I did just use it for random encounters, when I was dry at the start of an adventure. It did lead to some good playing hooks. But in the long run, not complicated enough.