Friday, September 9, 2016

Whatever Happened to the Podcast?

My reasons for updating the whole world map as I did yesterday were part of a process of moving the podcast content my daughter and I created this spring from Soundcloud to Youtube:

We were having problems because while Soundcloud is free at the start, at a certain number of minutes it isn't.  We didn't foresee that and did not want to spend any money on it, so the problem became how to reformat the content and add an image.  We haven't had the means to do it, though in the end it was fairly simple.  I needed to be in a better financial situation first, which has happened.  I'm still in a lot of trouble, but I have at least a little spendable income.  For about five months, even with the donations from readers, I have had zero disposable income.  Every dime I've received has gone into rent, utilities, the basest of foods or management of debt.

My daughter and I stopped recording podcasts because of Soundcloud's format.  Having solved that problem, I expect we will be getting back to creating new content.  It's just a matter of making time to do that.  I think we'd do best to call it a second season and perhaps adjust the format a little.  We'll just have to see.

At any rate, all the podcasts can now be viewed on youtube.

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Maxwell Joslyn said...

Good to hear. I wasn't able to listen to the last couple ones on Soundcloud for some reason. YouTube should work.