Thursday, September 8, 2016

The World Thus Far . . . Again

Let me begin by apologizing.  Up front, this isn't anything I haven't posted before.  Twice before, in fact.  But it does bring the completed part of my world up to date, adding in the western Sahara and Senegal:

This isn't a very clear map.  The world is getting bigger and bigger and it is stripping the hell out of my computer's capacity to save it as a remotely detailed png - at least, one that can be viewed well on Blogger . . . or even my wiki, for that matter.

Thankfully, however, I have found a way of managing a single image at 20% of its actual size in reality.  This makes an image file that is 50 megabytes.  That's too big for blogger, too big for just about anything: but with a little coaching, I have loaded it onto Google Image.  Here is the url:

It will take a moment for the fuzziness to clear on your computer as you look at it.  It is very big, after all.  Were I to print this in real size, it would be something like 25 feet by 16.  Too big for a computer screen.

I trust this will look interesting.  If it does to you, please support my Patreon, so I can go on adding to its size.


Ryan Fenton II said...

I know your game takes place in the year 1650, but I was wondering if there was a fixed starting date or if it starts on the first of January 1650, or more middle of the year like the first of June 1650? If researching information what part of the year matters? Thank you.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Pretty much just 1650. I only use world history to establish the setting. The game I run deviates from reality the moment I introduce players.

Ryan Fenton II said...

Okay, so for the sake of setting players in the game would have equal chance to encounter and change any of the major events of the year, like the Battle of Carbisdale, or the eruption of the Kolumbo volcano, creating from their actions new history. Cool thank you. Also how would you advise approaching Native populations numbers for Native American groups? My party wants to help colonize the New World and I can find numbers on other Colonist, excluding slaves, but nothing really for the native peoples.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Population figures are based on an algorithm using 1952 numbers and historical research. So I don't need historical estimates.

Let's say that the city of Bluefields in Nicaragua exists in 1650 but nothing else does in that state. Then the European population is based on Bluefields and everyone else is native.

Ryan Fenton II said...

Ahh okay. Thank you. That seems like it'll make populating the New World a lot easier.