Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Preview Returns

I released the preview for The Fifth Man two weeks ago (remember, that's the book that the Jumpstarter was all about).  I am pleased to say I am receiving some very positive reviews.  Here are a couple without spoilers, withholding their names:

This is very encouraging


Matt Shields said...

Couldn't agree more! The book has been great so far. Last time I went back to continue reading, I was dismayed to find that I'd reached the end of the preview! (That's a good sign.)

Also, fascinating comment about Fallow, and specifically about conveying the vastness of a region/countryside in a campaign. It's very true. I don't think it's quite as tough to do in narrative writing, when all the reader has is the picture in their head, but in D&D, overland maps and game sessions have a way of making the world feel smaller than it is. Especially true when journeys between areas get glossed over, maybe with only a encounter or two, even if several "campaign days" are consumed. Maybe a good topic for an upcoming post??

Samuel Kernan said...

I have been struggling to wrap my mind around just how sparsely populated places were in the middle ages compared to today. There were so many more in between places, full of... who knows! Even today, the Appalachian mountains, for instance, feel very remote while traveling via car on a paved road. Back then they must have been almost impenetrable! And even in more hospitable climes, there must have been so many bays that didn't yet have a port, hills that hadn't been fortified. It makes the idea of starting a trade hub seem a very natural thing to do.