Wednesday, May 11, 2016


And so we come to the least pleasant element of the subject: how much will it cost?

I'd like to keep the costs low.  I'd like to ensure that the fee covers my rent.  Between these two points we're just guessing.

Having discussed it with my people, we agree that the price should be a flat rate per class and 10-15% off for all three classes if bought together.  I'm also told that because these tutorials will feature personal one-on-one time for people to ask direct questions and get direct answers, I shouldn't undervalue myself.

Using this as a guideline, then, I've decided to price each individual class at $60.  All three classes, which would likely come out as 3.5 - 4.5 hours of discussion (as I don't intend to wrap things up in a flat hour).  Together, I will price these at $150.

Too expensive for some, I know.  I feel confident, however, that my experience and wherewithal will make these tutorials worth the investment.

I will take money through donations to paypal on the blog or as pledges to Patreon, to be honored after the first of the month for as long as the reader chooses to leave up their pledge.  I promise to work on more classes, so that I should have more to offer those who have enjoyed three classes and are still looking for more.  I'm sure that some will make proposals; I'm equally sure I can develop a way to rise up and meet those proposals when the time comes.

Am I offering a guarantee?  I guarantee that the student will have to become unconscionably abusive before I will disconnect the call.  I would rather have it out rather than quit; it's the reader's world, the reader's dime.  Sometimes we just need to vent.

All tutorials will be made through appointment, so there will probably be some difficulty there.  I'm a homebody, however, not prone to going out of the house or caring much what goes on more than ten meters from my computer, so I think we'll be able to work something out.

One small point.  I'm not quite launching yet.  I mean to outline the tutorials in greater depth, then begin on Monday.



Matt said...

Assuming, though still asking, that the prices given are in Canadian Dollars?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, Canadian.

I suppose I should get into an international headspace. I shall endeavor to embrace putting a CDN behind figures going forward.

Maliloki said...

Price sounds good. A little more than I can do at the moment, but a little saving extra cash will fix that.

Or not having college loans...that would do it too.

I hope this is successful for you!

JB said...

Your previous post on the subject talked about running Skype sessions of 60-90 minutes. Are you thus anticipating three sessions per course? Will these be given weekly? Or maybe a better question would much time will there be between scheduled appointments? How long to anticipate each course running?

Will you be running all three courses simultaneously? Or will you be doing Class 1, followed by Class 2, etc.?

Alexis Smolensk said...


Three parcels of time, each on a different subject, each parcel being 60-90 minutes, depending on how well the dialogue is going and how difficult it is to wrap up.

For those who want a specific class, I will do whatever of the three classes is asked for. For those who pay for all three classes, they should probably run in the order presented on the post I wrote Monday.

I feel the classes should come 6-10 days apart, to give time for the students to ponder and digest the material.