Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goldsmith's Shop

As hard as the last one was, this was a cakewalk.  It's nothing more than a collection of marvelous items for treasure.  The pieces can be realized as ornate and marvelous in appearance as one's imagination allows.  The serving bowl, while large, would be comparatively shallow, much more so than the glass basin two tables past.  The candlestick is quite large for a gold item, and thus the considerable cost.

Nothing compares to the gold vase, which the reader must picture as being equisitely engraved upon every inch of its surface.  I haven't talked about engraving yet; it is priced according the square inch, so if the vase had but one design upon one part of its surface, the difference in price would be much less.  An object like this would be exceedingly rare ... I include it here merely to indicate that items exist which could reasonably stop the heart of a high level character.  After all, there isn't a single gem encrusted into the object - that would be really something.

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