Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Taking Stock in April

For those who are interested, I am wrapping up my mini-vacation tonight and will be giving at least some of my attention, again, to the online campaigns.  The Senex Campaign, I know, has been a trial of late, as the players seem trapped in this awful little room with this awful single, apparently indefeatable monster.  I would have like to resolve that before this break, but unfortunately that resolution did not come together.

At the same time, I know, the Juvenis campaign is in a similar lull, the sort that comes once a dungeon is finished and a party feels a bit, well, unstructured for a time.  This passes.  But that party, too, would no doubt like to move on.

I have concluded an important agreement with an as-yet unnamed party regarding my credibility ~ an agreement that I sincerely hope will put my concerns at rest and those who have chosen to back me in the past.  I will be providing evidence of the book to this person who, in turn, will confirm the book's existence and forward movement.  This person has a long-standing blog on the internet and a reputation to defend: he has, therefore, his own reasons to be honest.

It is the best I can do.

There are a lot of calls on my time, not the least of which is still trying to beat the streets to find work. Things are looking up. I have bites and nibbles all over and something is going to give soon.

I will still be giving my all to the comics and the book.  Everything else, including the online campaign, is just going to have to take its time in between my other commitments.  I have no desire to suspend either campaign, especially since after the book is done I am going to feel a tremendous weight fall from my conscience.  There will always be another book, but at least for a time I won't feel like I'm grinding helplessly in the dark.

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