Saturday, April 8, 2017

Polling for the Top Ten Posts

Before talking about anything else, let me post the links for all 54 of the posts that are up for vote, for the top ten posts for the Tao of D&D, up to March, 2017.  (See Sidebar for poll).

24 Petards to be Roasted Upon (or, How to Be a Player)
8 Tips That Will Let Any Idiot Improve Their D&D Game
All the Magic in the World
Art and Fall of Preparation, the
Breaking Camp - The Best Part of the Day
BU to HP
Calm, Cool, Gentle Presentation, the
Conflict No. 1: One on One
Daughters, DMs & Henchmen
Four Measures
Goblin Fort, End of 1st Round, first of a series
Help Costs
Higher Class, a
How It's Done
How to Dungeon Master (The 10,000 Word Post)
How to Play a Character (The 10,000 Word Post)
How to Start a Trading Town I, first of a series
How to Tackle a Dungeon I - First Steps, first of a series
I Thought Everyone Knew
In You
Infrastructure is Fun
Infrastructure Perspective
Island, the, first of a series
It is NOT "Just" A Game
Keep 'em Hungry
Let's Try It From the Beginning Again
Mapping Garalzapan's Land
Mass Experience
Mining - Metals & Minerals
Morale and Popularity
My World
Narration of the Real, the
One True Tao, the
Perspective from the Floor
Rules That Work
Seizing the Day
Setting the Scene
Size of Alexis' World, the, first of the tech level series
Smolensk Mysteries
So Sick of If
Tales from FanExpo 2014
Threaten Them
Trade Process, the, first of a series
Training in the Use of Magic
Weather Generation Mark VI - Temperature, first of a series
Where You Eat Matters
When Wisdom Isn't a Dump Stat
Why Don't They Throw Rocks?
Why Wasn't I Consulted?
World You Live In, the

For the moment, I'll suspend any opinions on the above.  Where a reader indicated liking a series, I posted the first example of that series.  I did not include the Civ IV Technologies on the list because those were spread out over three years and - while technically a series - are so different in scope that I did not feel that any one example could represent the whole group.  So we'll give the series an honorable mention.


  1. Curious question: Did you ever find a good resolution to either the prevailing winds or the duration of weather problem for your weather generation?

  2. Sadly, no. The funny thing about the weather system is that, just as I was starting to get a good handle on it, I stumbled across a website online that solved all my weather problems with one swoop.

    I hesitate to link the site, however, as it would allow my players to check out the weather ahead of time in the game, giving them an edge I don't want them to have.

  3. Can you share the link via email or PM?

  4. I posted the link on October 10 last year, Ozymandias.

  5. I hesitate to ask, as I don't wish to spoil anything in your games, but do you think you could send me some details about how you use that?

  6. Send me an email at, Joey. I'll answer it there.


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